About us

About Us

The story behind – wakeupguys.com

You may find similar tones of background scenarios behind this article. But to be honest, this is an actual story behind wakeupguys.com. and about us.

I am Suman, a full-time blogger, content writer, and online researcher for a couple of years now.

It would be hard to believe that life was not sweet before launching this blog. A university drop-out student could merely do some significant work 15 years ago. I had to go through part-time jobs, full-time jobs, restaurant business, and else to comply with life but couldn’t sustain for long. Maybe, I am not that person who can work under someone called ‘Boss’.

Having sound knowledge of many sectors of the computer arena, I never think about starting a blog or website before. I started writing different content for many bloggers from 2014 until 2019 and finally went with my blog. And wakeupgus.com has been born.

Our Vision

We are here to survive, but along with you all who are thinking of doing something special online. Internet is something like an ocean, from where someone cannot go through everything there.

We have the intention to help you learn about freelancing, money-making blog or websites, passive income, organic traffic, SEO, and a lot more.

However, we have tested a countless number of tools, such as Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush, and a lot more, to define the best reviews and ideas for your success.

It takes countless hours to gather knowledge or learn something from reading online. Our motto is to save your time, get you the real scenario, get benefited with short time, and else for you only.

People behind the curtain

Along with me, few more dedicated freelancers who have made many things possible in their ways, have been working behind wakeupguys.com.

How do we earn?

As you know, almost everyone does jobs for financial need and so that we are. Countless hours of researching and content writing even need compensation to continue this blog.

We get paid by ads, affiliate links through reviewing services, products, and else from our readers with no extra cost to them at all.

Your kind support will encourage us to lead an endless journey to the world of knowledge sharing.

about us