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11 Best plugin for WordPress and tools for monetizing in 2021

12 Best Plugin for WordPress website

Are you planning to launch a WordPress website or blog? Or, you might have just launched your website. Have you thought about best plugin for WordPress. In that case, 12 must-have plugins for your website or blog to add to your WordPress dashboard immediately.

We have thoroughly tested all these paid and free versions of plugins which can help your site get more organic traffic and be well balanced in different terms.

There are thousands of plugins out there to choose from and apply on your site. But it’s quite hard to define the top plugins by any individual. Hence, we applied countless numbers of plugins in different sites and blogs to sort out the best plugin for WordPress and tools for your benefit.  

Let’s get into the action!

So far, Elementor is the best plugin for page builders out there currently. Even you can design a complete website or blog by Elementor.

elementor-Best page builder

There are countless features, you can use in Elementor. With more than 5 million active installations with having all 5-star user ratting can tell it blindly that Elementor is way ahead comparing with other plugins in the same line.

You will get a free version of Elementor from Add New plugin option in WordPress Dashboard. And for a small-scale blog or business website, it can handle all your needs accordingly.

There are two versions of it. And the free one is called simply Elementor and the paid one is Elementor Pro.

If you are thinking about developing a professional blog or website, you will need to consider the Elementor Pro. As its feature is unmatched compare with the free version.

Alternative: DIVI is the perfect alternative for Elementor.

WordPress developers call it the Swiss army knife of Search Engine Optimization. Perhaps, RankMath is technically an SEO plugin that can help you to solve countless SEO issues. Moreover, it can help you to rank up your SEO content higher in various search engines.

You don’t need to configure RankMath Plugin by yourself and it will do that for you by itself.

Once you install RankMath on your WordPress Dashboard it will verify your site’s settings and recommend the perfect settings for optimum performance. It will help you to optimize your site once you will do set up with a few simple steps.

More importantly, it has a very simple but very powerful user interface. And any WordPress user can understand any parts of this plugin easily and without any expert help. For the best and optimum feature, you can go for Rankmath Pro blindly. And it will never disappoint you.

You can set up your Google search console, sitemap, site indexing, and l lot more with RankMath. As per our expert, RankMath is the best plugin for WordPress SEO.

Alternative: All in One SEO (AIOS) and Yoast SEO plugins are the perfect alternatives for RankMath

If you are looking for the easiest plugin to create a form by using drag and drop form builder then WPForms will be the best plugin to go with.

By using the WPForms plugin, you can easily build contact, payment, survey, newsletter, user registration, and more forms as per your requirement.

You will not have to spend hours but few minutes to complete a form. A top-notch user interface and pre-built form templates save even more valuable time.

This is 100% responsive and it works on mobile, tablets, and desktop simultaneously. It means, once you design forms for the desktop platform or else it will automatically work for other platforms as well.

WPForms is by far the best plugin for designing any kind of form for your WordPress website or blog.

OptinMonster is one of the best WordPress Plugins for a popup. Your sleepless nights of site designing and countless hours of content writing will go in vain when there will be no conversion or lead in your business website or money-making blog.

OptinMonster can help you generate leads and a huge number of subscribers for your blog or else.

A good visual popup with attractive coupons or text can attract many visitors to come back to your site repeatedly and help them to decide to purchase.  If affiliate marketing or sales is the main motto from your site then without having a plugin like OptinMonster is hard to sell anything through content only.

You can design full screen, sidebar, in-text popup, email subscriber popup, coupon code popup, and as well as spin the wheel popup for your website or blog. And it will encourage your audience to get through your link to make a purchase decision. That is how your sale will go up. We think OptinMonster is the best plugin for WordPress to create any types of pop-up.

Alternatives: ConvertPro is a perfect alternative to create an outstanding popup and grow leads.

With more than 1 million active installations with all 5 stars given rating, WP Fastest Cache can be your best site speed optimizer.

This plugin generates a static version of HTML pages for your site and stores it on your web server. Every time a user tries to access your site, this WP Fastest Cache plugin provides the lighter HTML page as an alternative to dispensation relatively heavier WordPress PHP scripts.

In simple words, this cache plugin helps your website to load faster when your target visitors try to browse from around the world. Thus, WP Fastest Cache is the best plugin for WordPress to clear your site's cache.

This is the best plugin for WordPress for giving away purposes. If you practically want to grow your email list, website traffic, and social media Followers with viral giveaways and contests, then no other plugin can match with RafflePress.

It has a drag and drop giveaway builder, viral giveaway templates, responsive mobile-friendly, 1 click entry plus fraud protection, viral sharing as referring a friend contest, social media integrations, marketing, and CRM integrations, giveaway landing page, and tracking and retargeting options.

RafflePress is best suited for business owners, online stores, marketer, affiliate marketer, bloggers, influencers, agencies, and anyone else who wants to grow their business with viral marketing.

There is no free version of the RafflePress plugin. Hence, you have to purchase a yearly or lifetime plan with 14 days money-back guaranty with no question ask. If you can use this viral tool properly then the purchase of RafflePress will be worth more than you can imagine.

WooCommerce is considered another best WordPress plugin for commercial online stores. This is an open-source eCommerce solution. Hence, the core platform is free to install.

WooCommerce- Best WordPress plugin for online store

You will need a WordPress website to install WooCommerce. Almost, any kind of online store can be set up by using WooCommerce.

You can set up a new store in minutes with this plugin. Moreover, you will get secure payments, configurable shipping types, and a lot more. It is something like managing your business on the go from anywhere. A simple user interface helps the user to create products, process orders, and keep attention on any key stats in real-time.

More than 5 million active installations are solid stats to install and set up an online store by anyone.

If you are running a blog or website and monetizing it then no other plugin can beat the performance of Thirsty Affiliate. You can manage your hundred affiliate links in one place.

Moreover, Thirsty Affiliate integrates with Google analytics and pushes clicks even when an affiliate link is clicked by any of your readers.

You won’t need to place your required affiliate links every time you write new content. The Thirsty-Affiliate plugin will automatically put all your links based on the keywords you set to do those.

It will save you countless hours and help you to manage all your links in a specific place.

With 14 days money back guaranty if you are not satisfied with any reason. If you are planning to start your money-making blog then Thirsty Affiliate is a must-have plugin for your WordPress blog or website

Alternatives: Prettylinks is the perfect alternative for Thirsty Affiliate to produce outstanding results from your money-making blog or website.

Your hard-earned blog or website content goes in vain when you don’t get the required traffic to your site. Even, it may push you back from going ahead like a successful blogger. And, in that case, the Push Engage plugin can give you all that relieve regarding traffic.

It will help you to grow subscribers by creating targeted push notifications. And it works with almost any popular browsers. So you won’t need to be worried about that. Push Engage trigger notifications to your targeted visitors based on their behavior at the right time.

Features like cart abandonment reminder, custom domains, branding, dynamic segmentation, and a lot more to help you get your desired visitors.

Finally, it will help you to make your subscribers to your potential customers.

AlternativeOne Signal is a perfect alternative to meet all your requirements regarding push notifications.

Semrush is one of the best tools for your site’s on-page SEO profile. It will boost your site in search ranking in almost every possible way.

It will discover all the best keywords to target and bring organic traffic to your blog or website. Semrush will audit your site regularly and provide ideas to improve your site health and SEO performance.

There are quite a few functions you will get from Semrush such as competitor analysis, content marketing, local SEO, rank tracking, social media management, link building, competitor SEO analysis, and a lot more.

If you follow the Semrush report and change your site’s portion according to that, it will surely help you to rank up to the required level in the fastest way.

Alternative: SEOprofiler is a perfect alternative for Semrush to rank up and boost your sale in no time.

Almost every blog depends on some outstanding content to grab the attention of real visitors. Hence, Grammarly is there to help you create and change your simple content to outstanding one.

Good content is a must for content marketing. Grammarly can make your content, error-free by correcting spelling, grammatical mistakes, and sentence errors. Moreover, it can help you to restructure your content in no time.

Grammarly detects all the errors automatically and will give you the best option to rectify and change those errors accordingly.

Though Grammarly is completely free to use, it is recommended to use Grammarly Pro to get the optimum benefit from all the ways related to writing.