List of Best Website Builders in 2021

Today we are going to explore the list of best website builders in 2021. Those days have gone by when to develop a website was so tough and time taking and sometimes it took even months to complete the website with thousands of lines of coding or programming and the price was sometimes beyond the capacity (like thousands of dollars).

Things have been changed gradually, now anyone can build up a good website with some very basic computer knowledge. And, for that, you don’t need to be a genius to comply with. It’s as simple as like as to manage a social media account like Facebook, Instagram, or else and more importantly this is fully to drag and drop website building options to go with.

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Drag and drop website building is one of the few options anyone can try anytime. There are so many website builders available on the internet and every one of them has its area of expertise. We have tested and figure out the list of best website builders.

Most importantly, it can help users to build websites, blogs, e-commerce, or online store from scratch to a professional level. Wix has a user-friendly built-in interface; one can create any type of website without having any previous knowledge of website development. There are mainly two options you will get to start after sign up with your email id. And among these, one is to start with a blank template and the other one is automatic site builder.

wix website builder

In addition to the above criteria, it has an automatic site-building alternative where you will have to click some simple given answer and it will build a site layout for you that suits you most. And, in the blank template selection, you have to design the whole site with drag and drop click.

Certainly, you can build as many websites as possible and it’s free to use. There are tons of layout designs with some great tools to design a fully customizable website based on your need. Along with the free version, there is a premium segment in Wix where your website will be free from Wix ads and you can connect your domain to your website alongside the payment acceptance option.

One of my favorite website builders is SQUARESPACE. There are 2 major things in this website builder that I like most. Firstly, among those the first one, you can design a complete website such as a blog, portfolio, business website, or online store, or anything related to those are completely free, and no need to buy any plan until you fully satisfy with your site. Secondly,  the customer support of SQUARESPACE, they offer after purchase any plan is simply outstanding. About the website building, answer some simple questions and your template or site layout will be ready in minutes.

However, you can customize your website or a blog as per your necessity once your primary website design is done. There are two types of plans available with this service provider. Firstly, subscription on monthly basis. Secondly, subscription on yearly basis. Subsequently, you will get a good discount on a yearly plan. There is always a free opportunity to start your desired website anytime. But anyone can consider some well-paid plans as well. The minimum charges for a plan start with $12 and up to $46 per month.

To sum up, one of the best site builders out in the market is based on the user interface, facility, after-sales support, and apparently price based on the services SQUARESPACE offers.

Certainly, they say it by far the best and easiest free website builder out there in the internet world currently! Industry-leading professional website templates, website editor, mobile-friendly, SEO tools, etc. have made Site123 one of the top contenders of the best website builder now. You can create your online store in minutes and can start selling globally.

site123 website builder

Whether it is a blog, website, or eCommerce store, Site123 has some exceptional features with a drag and drop option. We have tested that you can edit or modify almost any part of your website without any hassle. Further, with the free plan, it offers one of the best and cheapest premium plans such as $5.80 per month. And you will get almost every feature what the expensive premium plans of other website builder offer.

Consequently, one of the best and easy website builders is STRIKINGLY. I have made a website within 30 minutes. Yes, you have read it right! If your content is ready then you can even make your website or blog maybe within few minutes. I must say, one of the easiest dashboards to create or edit your website, blog, or online store easily.

STRIKINGLY offers a free plan for everyone and you don’t need to have credit card details or any financial activities. However, you need to just signup with your name and email id and that’s all, you will be on the cockpit of your super dashboard in no time to start designing your website. We even have tested the premium plans which have some fabulous feature to design your desired blog, eCommerce, or any website.

If you are confused with the free plan or premium, I will suggest going for a free plan first. You can upgrade to any of their premium plans at any time. And yes, for the premium plan STRIKINGLY offers 14 days return policy if you are not satisfied. So, shouldn’t you signup free STRIKINGLY to check it out right away?

Above all and being honest, this might be in the top 5 best free website builders in my opinion. There are some industry-leading features and user interface; WEBSTARTS are providing compare with other website builders in 2021. Let’s get some quick advantages in this website builder.

Moreover, in the free version of WEBSTARTS, you could get unlimited pages with a 100% customizable designer theme and template for your website, blog, or online store. It offers a complete solution for your e-commerce business such as online payment method and all. User interface and dashboard are simply developed for any user to create their website in minutes with simple clicks and drag and drop.

webstarts website builder

A few minutes of tutorial about building website in WEBSTARTS would be good enough for you to develop any kind of your desired site, even if you are a complete beginner as well. Yes, this all, you will get in free version. If you have your desired domain with you then I would recommend you go for pro plus plan with only $7.16 per month with 30 days money guarantee which will give you complete features any user can ask most without any issue.

Another outstanding contender to become in top list among free website builders is On the other hand, they offer a fully to drag and drop user interface to design any professional graded website in minutes. Certainly, you only need to follow 4 simple steps to create your website, blog, online store or anything else from scratch to become live on your target audience’s digital devices.

webs website builder

Meanwhile,  you can start to design your website which will be automatically updated to mobile version as well. Alongside, it offers automatic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website once it gets ready and become live. is among those top ranked website builders which allow you create your site without any professional help.

But it is highly recommended to go with the free plan of if your budget is tight or want to give a try on free version. So, guys, let’s get start to create a website which can lead you to be highly successful.

Probably one of the best and simple website builders available currently in online is Weebly. You can create your blog, online store or any other website with it easily and free. It says anyone can use it to make their desired website for free and use it for free forever. So guys, should you not try Weebly at least once?

That is to say, there are few simple steps to create your desired website then customize and edit as per your requirements. On the other hand, you can build any number of websites with this website builder. There is an option to add your own domain to your Weebly website any time or you can use your free version of website as long as you want.

Once you are used to get with Webflow dashboard and website editor, it will be like fun to design any professional website. It also offers free plan for forever to design and develop as many website as you want. Most importantly, along with professional website templates, you will have option to update with some fabulous premium templates to your website. 

You can design any kind of website you want. However, it is free to join and free plan is there but you can maximize the potential of your website to upgrade any premium plan based on your need.

This is another good option for anyone without any programming knowledge. First of all, you can create your website, blog or online store completely free with webnode and you can do that in minutes. It has one of the best functions that you can develop, update or modify your website on the go and even with mobile or tablet other than computer.

Webnode has around 20 years of experience and has wonderful customer support base. Wherever you from, you can really rely on them. Other than free plan, you can have some industry leading premium plans as well. And compare with other website builder providers, Webnode provide some best and cheap premium plans with hell lot of feature to try out.

This is another best option to design website or online store in short time. If you are thinking for your blog, personal website or online store in a small way then this could be a good choice for any beginner. It can cater up to 100 products for your online store. To be noted, there are over 25 million JIMDO websites are active all over the world. And you will get an option to create your website and blog as free. 

Jimdo website Builder

It has simple drag and drop option to create your professional look website in minutes and moreover you will be able to customize every single option in your website. With free option the premium JIMDO plans starts from $9 per month.

# Still have doubts about Website Builders then choose WordPress to continue for your Blog or Website

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, after testing all the major website builders from around the world, we finalize the above-mentioned website builders on any of which you can rely on.

However, there are no website builders who are 100% on the feature, user interface, after-sale support, customer support, or else. But, you can get around 85 to 95% of your desired requirement from the above-mentioned website builders.

If still you are thinking about which one to go then we will recommend going with any of the free versions of these builders before planning to purchase any premium plan of them. And guys please do not kill your precious time for just only planning and thinking; doing that will lead you to push back on the race to be successful in any of the online streams. Let’s get start it today or maybe right away!