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Online Store: Here is how you can earn from online store in 2021

earn from online store

Earn from online store, and this is the important topic we will go through today.

Each online business begins in the same manner: as an idea. The idea might be to introduce something completely new to the marketplace or maybe the idea will break the market by offering cheap prices or even a new spin on an old favorite.

Whatever the idea might be, to pick up steam it certainly needs a spark. And that spark usually comes from marketing, especially if you've got an online store.

Nowadays, it's not a walk in the park to market your business. Indeed, it's a difficult task to keep up with ever-changing trends in digital marketing. However, no need to worry. As the digital phrase goes, “There is an app for this.”

Below are my top e-commerce app picks and suggestions that will help spread awareness of your brand and bring potential clients in.

  1. Shopify
  2. BigCommerce
  3. 3dCart
  4. WooCommerce
  5. Magento

If you’re a rising and ambitious entrepreneur, individual, willing to start an e-commerce business, Shopify will be the best choice for you. So, here I will discuss how to start and make money through Shopify.

Shopify is certainly the simplest, easiest, and most versatile e-commerce solution for your business, whether it is already established or yet an idea. It enables to form of an online store and products, goods, and services to be sold online.

start online store with shopify

Nowadays, almost everyone needs to use Shopify due to its diverse range of users as well as all big brands are using Shopify. Here is what they have contributed so far:

  • About 5,00,000 businesses and online stores
  • Active members 1,000,000 +
  • A massive $40B+ in value sold by store fronts

It's the perfect e-commerce platform to grow and scale-up individuals and businesses.


You're going to need a Shopify plan and products to start selling and making money on Shopify. Start by registering with Shopify Set up your store, and then add your items.

If you don't have something to sell, drop-shipping might be a great pick for you.


You can simply make your e-commerce store and sell products to make money on Shopify. There are some basic steps to follow:

  1. Start a free Shopify Trial
  2. Attach those items that you want to sell
  3. Develop key pages for your store
  4. Choose a theme and customize your store
  5. Set your shipping settings
  6. Create your payment gateway
  7. Get your store ready for launch.

You can also become a Shopify affiliate to earn money. It’s a very easy program. As once you get your Shopify affiliate link, you can earn per online store or business referred to Shopify.

Win the first two months of paid subscription value on any new Shopify vendor you refer — up to $598 on regular plans.

You will receive 100 percent in bounty for client referrals, which amounts to almost $2,000 for the new Shopify Plus / Shopify Gold referral.

You can also register as a Shopify partner if you have an IT service, digital marketing agency, or an emerging product-based company.

You have the opportunity, as an expert, to make big money. The following broad categories are covered by experts:

  • Set up an online store
  • Design an online store
  • Development
  • Advertisement
  • Photography

Such experts charge USD 500 to even USD 20 K per project anywhere depending on the time, scale, and nature of each project.

If you're in the domains of IT Company, marketing firm, it is a gold mine to be a part of.

Shopify's APIs offer an almost infinite range of possibilities for connecting with third-party software on the Shopify platform.

There are two ways you can make Apps for Shopify Stores to earn money:

Develop a custom client app: Use the Shopify API to create and sell an app that provides functionalities to a client's store.

Make and sell a public app in the Shopify App Store: You will receive 80 percent from each app sale.