Earn from YouTube channel

earn from YouTube channel

Why you must start to earn from YouTube Channel in 2022?

When you are thinking to earn from YouTube channel continuously, then starting a YouTube channel can be a game-changer in your financial and social life.

It’s very easy to start a channel on YouTube. Even, it is easier than many other online jobs available out there to start.

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How to start a YouTube Channel?

Before we proceed further, let me tell you that more than 18,000 hours of videos are uploading every single hour that you are passing. Moreover, more than 1.3 billion internet users watch YouTube every day. Isn’t it enough to understand how a good YouTube channel can impact your financial life forever?

Are you still lacking in interest to start a channel yet? An eight years old boy named Ryan Kaji has earned $28 million in 2020 from his YouTube channel which is being run by his parents. And he has reached this earning in just within 5 years of starting his channel.

Relax, you are never too late! Let’s start one with your convenience. Yes, you might be late if you would plan to start one after 30 years or so.

So my friends, are you ready? Let’s do it then.

01. Start from scratch (to earn from YouTube channel):

A Gmail Id will be required to log in to YouTube. As you all know, you will need one common email id for all Google services. After logged in to YouTube, you will find your profile icon on the right side of the YouTube homepage. Click on that icon, you will get the option to create your channel.

Your journey as a YouTuber will begin shortly when you click the get started button,

02. Choose a channel name wisely (to earn from YouTube channel):

Once you click to create a channel, you will find your name or choose a custom name for the channel to go with. Though you will have the option to change your channel name later it will be good to stick always with a perfect name for your video category.

Choose your channel name wisely

It gives your viewers a positive instance once they see your channel name on their devices. Remember; always choose a name related to your videos or contents which you are going to show your audience. A related name gives a clear picture of your channel to everyone. So friends, go smartly.

03. Make an outstanding ‘About’ section:

A cool about section can help you achieve long term goal. Thousands of channel subscribers always check about sections to know more about your channel and you. Few good and professional words on the about page can help countless viewers to subscribe to your channel. Tell Viewers about your channel and let viewers know what or whom your videos are about.

04. Let’s color your channel homepage:

I believe you have written and done the about page and other details. It’s time to color your homepage professionally.

Firstly, upload a profile picture that will be shown as a channel icon to viewers when they will watch your videos. If you do comment on other channel’s videos, your profile picture or icon will be shown left on your comments.

I would personally suggest going for a perfect logo for your profile picture. You can do it by yourself if you are having good graphic designing knowledge. Else, you can give a shot on Fiverr as it will only cost you $5-$10 to design an outstanding logo for your channel.

Secondly, choose the right banner image for the channel homepage. Though this channel belongs to you, you will have to think about the perfect banner image. You can always consider putting a theme of your video category and it can be image or text. Sometimes, it even can be both for a perfect shot.

Finally, you can go through all the required sections of your channel to fill them rather than keeping them empty. If you are missing any such part, you can always do it later as per your convenience.

05. It’s time for light-camera-actions (your first video):

It’s time to produce your first video. You can choose your video theme as per your interest. Thousands of creators are producing some magnificent videos. Sometimes, it may be a bit hard to produce a video on a fully new segment. I will suggest going with the one that already exists.

06. Upload your first video (to earn from YouTube channel):

It will not be the best option to just copy someone’s work and put it into your channel. It may cause a fatal issue to your channel. Unless you have permission to do so, the YouTube authority has the right to ban your channel permanently.

It will not be the best option to just copy someone’s work and put it into your channel. It may cause a fatal issue to your channel. Unless you have permission to do so, the YouTube authority has the right to ban your channel permanently.

If you want to work on other people's videos, always check about the copyright acts first. To be honest, I may go with the common pattern of videos that will be completely shot by me. There are number of themes available to start with.

You can go with any of the food, cooking, prank, music, true story, film, daily experience, knowledge sharing, teaching, kids play, dance, painting, etc., or whatever you are having an extraordinary skill to show people.

Point to be noted, your video quality should be crisp with good sound quality. YouTube studio has a lot more functions to make your audio and video bold.

07. Connect with your viewers with other platforms as well:

However, you have started your channel; you need to connect with your viewers as well as other people with different web platforms. First of all, start a Website or Blog where you can place your all channel contents accordingly. It will help millions of people to memorize your contents and works.

Besides that, you should be available widely on Facebook, Instagram, and other possible social networking, where you can share your creations and ask for feedback from your respected viewers and audience. After a certain amount of time and fan following, you can start earning even from social media as well.

08. Be regular and steady:

Most people usually make a common mistake of not being regular on video uploading. Try to create and upload videos on regular basis. YouTube search engine will automatically promote your videos to the maximum number of viewers.

Try to give comments on other channels, as it will help you to grow more viewers in your channel. Make regular and steady communication with your viewers or audience in your Blog or Website, or other social media platforms. This will help you to create a kind of bond with your audience.

09. Monetize your channel:

YouTube has issued a new rule for its new creators or channel owners. For a new channel, you will need at least 2K subscribers and 4K hours of views to monetize your channel.

Good and outstanding content can help you to reach those milestones in no time. Once you have fulfilled the requirements, you will be able to monetize your channel with Ads and start earning money.

What do you think? How much can you earn from YouTube channel? When you are on the right track ‘the sky is the limit’.

10. Should you promote your channel?

For a business channel, anyone can take a paid promotion on YouTube as per requirements. Even, an individual channel can be promoted like that. 

But, I will say no need to go with paid promotion for any individual channel. What you have to do to invest time and effort and it will spread to millions of subscribers one day.  Maybe, some good paperwork can help you to chalk out your progress over time.

There are so many groups on social media platforms where members can help each other to grow their channels.