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How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website in 2021

Many factors contribute to a successful website, but if your goal is to grow your site's organic traffic, this guide is for you. Increase organic traffic by following these helpful tips and insights!

To increase organic traffic to your website, you need to know the most important concepts. This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to go about increasing organic traffic to your website.

Increase Organic Traffic

What is Organic Traffic and Why it's important

Organic traffic is the type of traffic that is generated from natural search results and social media posts. 

Perhaps, Organic traffic is the most valuable type of traffic because it is free and does not require an investment to generate. If you want to know how to drive more traffic to your website, organic traffic is the best way to do it.

This is the website traffic that comes from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

Organic traffic is important because it comes from people who are actively searching for a topic or product. This type of traffic is beneficial because it is highly targeted and often converts well. 

To get more and increase organic traffic to your website, you need to focus on keywords and create a good content strategy. You also need to build links to your website from external websites that are relevant.

Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website [Step-by-Step Guide]

Following these 6 simple organic traffic tips can help your website rank higher in search engines and increase organic traffic.

1. Use Social Media

Social media is an easy way to increase your website's organic traffic. Millions of social media users are spending their time on different social media every day. Your article or content should have different active social media icons with which your user can share your artifact.

Increase Organic Traffic

Moreover, you can share new blog posts or articles on your social media accounts regularly. 

Numerous surveys of small businesses indicate that, when deciding between two competing providers of the same product or service, 28% of customers will buy from the one that has their business listed first on any Social Media platform.

Using social media platforms for your blog or website is a must blindly

2. Utilize SEO

If you're a business owner or digital marketer, increasing organic traffic to your website is likely one of your top priorities. SEO can help you achieve this goal, and this guide will show you how. 

if you are using WordPress for your site then any SEO( Search Engine Optimization) plugin like RankMath, All in One SEO (AIO SEO), and Yoast SEO can help you achieve your SEO goal.

Increase Organic Traffic

This will basically help you to create SEO-optimized content for your articles in post or else. 

There is no such algorithm or rules that how an SEO works but using any SEO method will rank up your site or content for sure. This way SEO of your content can help you to get huge organic traffic day by day.

3. Create a Content Strategy

Organic traffic to your website is important for building your online presence and maximizing your site's potential. You have to learn, what a content strategy is and how to create one that will increase your organic traffic. 

Try to write epic content. Not everything you write on your website needs to be in-depth, but make sure the core of your content offers something truly unique and valuable to your readers.

Remember a good content can be a part of content marketing which will help increase organic traffic in no time.

Some tips for writing a content strategy:

– Write down all of the content on your site, and find out what topics people are most interested in.

– A content strategy is a logical, organized approach to creating and managing content.

– It involves anticipating the needs of your target audience.

– Content strategy should be incorporated to everything from website design to social media posts.

– Analyze which keywords attract the most traffic – Determine how frequently your content is updated – Choose an editorial calendar that will include writing your content. 

– Set up a system for keeping track of updates If you need a good example, take a look at Hubspot's comprehensive guide.

4. Utilize Paid Advertising

Have you been struggling to get organic traffic to your website? Well, the good news is that there are many ways to increase your traffic and you don't have to spend a fortune on it. 

Try to understand long-tail keywords as this one will have less competition. And you have to pay less amount for low competition keywords.

I know some people who run a website and channel through YouTube rank for super long-tail keywords like Dog Playing Piano, Dog, and so many others that are incredibly hard to rank for. One of their videos, “like a baby playing piano” has been viewed nearly 200 million times. They get up to 20 million monthly views and still generate millions of dollars from YouTube ad revenues.

Keyword density matters. Get this right when you post on social media sites to avoid putting off viewers. Limit your use of any one keyword to 5% of your message.

Choose your long-tail keywords wisely and it can surely help you get more organic traffic with less amount of money for paid advertisement.

5. Use Influencer Marketing

To drive organic traffic to your website, it's important to identify influencers within your niche. You can reach them through social media and use their audience to expand your reach.

A social media influencer is somebody who has a large following on one or more social media platforms and uses this to influence the public. This can be done through their content, their opinions, or through other activities such as live streaming or vlogging.

Increase organic traffic through social influencer marketing

One way that an organization can increase organic traffic to its website is to work with social media influencers. It can be done by either paying for sponsored posts, or by working together to create content. 

Before you start working with a big influencer, make sure that he has the necessary authority and the topic is relevant to your niche. 

Initially, it would be recommended to go with a medium-level influencer marketer. Because going with a big influencer first can make a hole in your pocket! Choose wisely and it can help you get huge organic traffic.

6. Using proper tools to rank up your site

Without any professional guidance, it's hard to audit websites or blogs to rank up accordingly. Tools like Seemrush, Ahrefs, etc. can do those hard works for you. 

Just get a free trial version and hit any keyword and you will see those organic rankings for the search terms. You can analyze the content and try to rewrite them in a better manner so that the searchers can understand what you are trying to say.

Moreover, you can update or rectify errors easily because these tools can show you every part of your blog, website, or else. An audit on the website content, code optimization, and indexing should be done at least 3 times a year. It will help in getting the right data for organic search.

However, you can also use keyword suggestion tools like Google's Keyword Planner which can help you get huge organic traffic.


Although it's really hard to understand the algorithm of Google or else for website ranking to increase organic traffic. 

You just need to follow the above steps regularly to rank your website on top for any desired keyword. The right techniques and the right tools are needed to get high-quality traffic to your website.

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