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How to Start Freelance Writing Easily in 2021 – 10 Essential Steps

Start freelance writing is an excellent career to make money on the side. While many think of it as an “Odd job.” Freelance writers can earn upwards of $100K if they know what they are doing

Here are some essential steps you can follow in starting up your own freelance writing business. Who would you instead work for – your boss or someone else? If you are the type of person who would instead work for yourself, here are some steps to follow to be successful and make money as a freelancer.

What is Freelancing Writing?

The term “freelance” was coined in the 18th century, meaning “freelance.” These are now writers who work without a company and sometimes without an editor. Writing about freelance writing is interesting because it’s not limited to one specific field or idea. 

People can discuss many different things, including the positives and negatives, the challenges, the markets, the workload, the competition, etc. As one can see, many other elements may come on the topic of freelance writing.

start freelance writing

Will I be Successful with Freelancing Writing Career?

Being a freelance writer can be very rewarding, but it is also challenging. Freelance writers must do their research, be disciplined, and produce quality work to succeed. 

An online freelancing course can teach you everything you need to know about being a freelance writer. You can learn the tips and tricks of the trade. With time and dedication, you can be successful. 

In these internet times, freelancing is a viable career option for those who prefer the freedom of choosing their hours and working conditions. 

Freelance writing is also a good option for those who prefer to work on their terms and not wear uniforms. People who enjoy working at home and would like to try out this career option should take some time to read the following steps.

Start Freelance writing

Do Market research to start freelancing writing

Freelancing writing is a field where those with a penchant for writing can find work quickly. To start freelancing as a writer, you must research the industry and identify companies that require freelance writers. 

Freelancing as a writer is an excellent opportunity for those who have a flair for writing. When freelancing, you will need to do some market research and identify companies that require freelance writers. 

Look at the industry in which you are interested and identify companies that require freelancers. You can look at online forums or read reviews about different companies to determine which companies offer the highest salaries for their freelance writers.

Platforms to find and start freelance writing jobs

Freelance writing jobs are increasingly common in today’s internet dominated world. There are many online job boards and freelance marketplaces, such as Upwork and Indeed, where potential clients can find writers with the skills they need for their projects. 

Online job boards and freelance marketplaces allow clients to find writers with the skills they need for their projects. Clients can post a project, and an interested writer will get an opportunity to have that job. 

Freelance writing jobs are a great way to make money while also using your skills to help clients. Some freelance writing jobs require prior experience, while others are for beginners. Freelance writing jobs can be available in a variety of industries. 

The freelance market can be a great way to find steady work that you love while making money at the same time.

Social media platforms can make your starting freelance writing career super straightforward. As several groups are available to join on Facebook or elsewhere, you can quickly request a writing job. 

Moreover, you can share the different gigs you have created on various freelance sites with those social media groups once someone wants to order with you. If you are serious with your writing career, you will sink with so many orders. 

But make sure you have some outstanding articles as samples to show someone interested in placing an order with you. In this case, a WordPress Blog or Website can help to list all your details with sample works in one place. And you can start your blog or website within 30 minutes.

What do freelance writers do?

Freelance writers are self-employed and typically do any work that requires writing, such as online content, blog posts, magazines, and many other media. 

Freelance writers are self-employed and usually do any work that involves reports, such as online content, blog posts, magazines, and many other media. 

A freelance writer can work full-time or part-time depending on their needs. Many freelance writing jobs are available, including editing projects, marketing/PR campaigns, blog posts, articles, newsletters, blogs, and more.

Start freelance writing

Required Technical Skills for freelance writing

Freelance writing is a form of freelance work usually commissioned by an individual or business to write. Required Skills for freelance writing:
– Good communication skills
– Know how to use the English language well
– Writing ability
Highly-skilled freelance writers often make a good amount of money per article. But it’s important to note that many freelance writers charge by the word or percentage of what they earn per article and that some giant firms may only be willing to pay a specific rate for their writers. 

But if a freelance writer has the required skills, they can make more or less $100 per article as a non-fiction writer or as much as $250 per article as a fiction writer for an eBook. 

If you are willing to teach, then consider becoming a freelance writing instructor. Freelance writers get paid per hour worked.

Required Soft skills for a freelance writer

A freelance writer is responsible for producing and completing written projects on a deadline. So you must be very meticulous and complete your tasks within the specified time. 

Since the freelance writer is an independent contractor, their work will be dependent on what clients are willing to pay them. So it would help if you gave your clients their money’s worth. 

Freelance writers can handle every part of the process, from proposal creation to proofing edits. Being a freelance writer is a very efficient and time-consuming process, so you must have the required skills. 

Those skills include a certain degree of initiative, a structured work schedule, and a sharp eye for detail. Being an influential writer requires extensive research.

Freelance writer tools

Freelance writers should use software like Google Docs and Adobe Creative Cloud to help with editing and formatting.

Freelance writers should also use apps like Clarify to organize their freelance life. Clarify is a project management system that helps freelance writers track their deadlines, job milestones, budgets, expenses, and workloads.

Grammatical errors along with wrong sentence structure can ruin your career as a freelance writer. Every article you write for your clients or organizations should be top-notch. In this case, Grammarly Premium can help you get rid of all these writing issues to produce countless numbers of good writing copies.

Technology has been changing for the betterment of human beings. And AI Writing software is among those techniques. By using any of these best AI (Artificial Intelligent) Writing software, you can write unique, SEO optimized, and plagiarism-free content as per your client’s demand.

Freelance writer strategies

Freelance writers make a living by providing content for many clients. They can provide articles, blogs, and even ghostwriting services for others. As a freelance writer, you must think outside the box and develop creative, marketable ideas. 

Create a portfolio of your work and submit it to different publishing companies. Well, there are many different ways to get your work published. But there are some strategies you can use to get your content noticed by the various publishing companies. 

The idea is to develop unique, unforgettable, and marketable content that many people will like.

Freelance writer tips

Every freelancer writer has their working methods, but there are some tried and true basics that every freelancer writer should know. An internet connection, a computer, keyboard, or other writing equipment, and a way to process payments are all tools for freelance writers. 

You can use Many payment processors. Some popular ones include PayPal, Skrill, and OkPay. If you want to buy content online from a freelance writer, a secure website is necessary. 

Websites like WordPress make it very easy to create your secure site. Then you will be able to earn money by selling content online. 

If you are serious about freelance writing, the internet is the best place to start. However, if you don’t have the technical knowledge to build your secure website, you can also use freelancer sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, True lancer, etc.

Resources for Freelance writer

Many freelance writers require employment, so it can be tough to stand out. Here are some tools for finding gigs. Freelance writers may need to find work opportunities to be employed. 

One way to see this is to use the internet. Many websites offer freelance writing jobs. Many freelance writing agencies online are focused explicitly on finding job opportunities for freelance writers. 

There are many ways to find work. Just be sure to have a solid, experienced portfolio that can hold up to scrutiny. Here are some tips to help you get hired. Freelance writing jobs and employment opportunities do not always come in packages with one-size-fits-all perks. 

What you need is a good portfolio, firm qualifications, and the ability to deliver. That is the kind of thing you need to find work for freelance writers. When searching for gigs as a freelance writer, many people are looking for specific projects. 

Many companies need freelance writers. Another way to find jobs is by looking for employment opportunities with individual clients.


In the 21st century, freelance writing is a career that many people are turning to. Most freelance writers have a background in journalism, marketing, or another related field. 

Freelance writers may not make huge profits as they do in print, but there are still numerous options for paid writing jobs out there. To become a freelance writer, you need a lot of good skills. Freelance writing is a great way to earn a solid income with a portfolio that can hold up to scrutiny.

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