Find Out Best Online Learning Platforms easily in 2021


Online learning or eLearning is the new trend to boost up various sectors in career.

Human being's lives have been changed drastically by the internet for the last 15 years.

Moreover, we have made our lives much easier with the fortune of the internet. Education is among those, with which we have opened up a new window of ultimate possibilities in our career. 

And one of those possibilities is online learning. Because this has helped us to save valuable time rather than attending physical classes due to the current situation of the pandemic.

What is online learning?

Online learning is a method to get or share knowledge of a specific subject or topic over the internet. Perhaps, it is a kind of distance education. It can be exercised from any part of the world.

An integrated software management system works on online learning or eLearning platforms. On the other hand, one can say it, online learning is a way to get understanding on a particular topic or subject without attending any physical class but from some source of gadgets such as computer, tab or smartphone.

Teachers or instructors, students, or professionals are required to comply with the online learning platforms.

digital online learning

Is online learning widely accepted?

One can not say, online learning is best for everyone. But million of peoples say, yes it is. To be honest, nowadays online learning is a part of students' lives and careers.  

To comply with this someone should have some experience in handling on the computer or other such gadgets. Because online learning is not possible without any of those gadgets.  But definitely, it is one of the best methods for those learners who want to boost their exams result or careers.

Nowadays, a countless number of reputed organizations and institutions offer online courses or certification which are widely accepted worldwide. You often can find online learning courses from highly educated and experienced teachers around the world.

Thousands of reputed Universities and institutions even offer a degree based on the plan of their online courses. A company like Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Java, etc, offers online certification courses which are not only widely accepted but will also bring you ahead of others in the career field.

Top 5 Online learning platforms:

In the last 20 years, online learning has been significantly changed and developed at a new level. It is now widely practiced and followed by millions of students throughout the world. There are several MASSIVE ONLINE OPEN COURSE (MOOC) providers available online.

Among those, few platforms are good for individual learners and few are good for various groups such as business professionals or apprentices.

Time is precious and it usually takes a lot of time and hangs around online to find the best platform. Today, we are going to expedite the best online learning (e-Learning) platforms according to our review and depth analysis.

LinkedIN online learning

Probably one of the best online learning platforms currently out there. It was founded in 2003. LinkedIn has acquired and itself has been acquired by Microsoft Corporation in 2016. It has 740 million users all over the world. Notably, most of them are under a professional network. You can find highly recommended courses from certified professionals.

With a monthly and yearly subscription, someone can get the best out of it. After all, Microsoft is behind LinkedIn and you can easily rely on it.

Who can try LinkedIn Learning?

All professionals can try it out blindly. When someone wants to gear up his or her expertise to furthermore, LinkedIn can be the perfect platform to go with.


  • Monthly and yearly subscription plans with $29.99 and $239 respectively which is quite cheaper.
  • All courses are provided by super professional alumni.
  • Once you registered for any course, you will get access to the 16,000 total course resources.
  • No specific time for learning as you can take your course as per your favor.
  • After a subscription to any plan, you will get full access to Linkedin Premium.
  • Certification after successful course completion.


  • Once you enrolled in any course and can not comply later, you will not get any refund for that.
  • The courses are not suitable for students or new learners.
  • No one-to-one interaction with learners and instructors.

Udemy was founded in May 2010 in Turkey. It’s now a USA-based MOOC provider. It offers 1,55,000 courses where 70,000 thousand instructors are teaching online and 40 million learners have been learning from around the globe. Moreover, learners or students can learn in their preferred speech from more than 65 different languages.

Udemy is best for short courses or training which can help you boost your potential in a relevant field. This is not suitable for those who want to get certificates from reputed institutions through it.

  • Students from various streams can learn their required courses.
  • Teachers can teach students on this online learning platform from around the world.
  • Professionals who want to polish their expertise to the next level.


  • Almost any course is available with Udemy.
  • Easy to understand study materials with required video files.
  • Learners can interact with the teacher or instructor directly to solve issues.
  • Lifetime access to study material on the enrolled subject.
  • Most importantly, the course fee is very cheap, starting with $7 only.
  • You don’t need to enroll in a monthly or yearly plan with a lot of money.


  • Once you find the enrolled course is not up to the mark, the refund won’t be processed after the first 30 days.
  • Udemy is not accredited with any approved institutions. Hence, the certificate can not be used for formal accreditation.

If you are thinking about an academic degree or any specific subject course then Edx is the online learning platform to go with. Edx was founded in 2012 by starting with MIT electronic courses. There are more than 3000 courses available now from 160 top partner Universities around the world. You will be surprised that courses from Harvard University, MIT, and others are available to take on.

1.4 million certificates have been issued through Edx by those top universities. And more importantly, you can get full credit for the course you will complete on Edx which you can use in your Bachelor's or Master's degree program. It means certificates from it will be widely accepted in education or future career.

Edx is probably the best online learning platform for the particular subject course on the degree program. You can pursue a Master's degree program from Edx as well and this will be from any top-ranked University.

Who can try Edx?

  • Students of Bachelor or Master degree program.
  • Professionals and corporate learners can use Edx for their betterment in career.


  • You will get credit for the course you will take which can be used in your degree program.
  • Compare with physical courses, Edx is giving a very reasonable price.
  • Issued certificates are accredited with top-ranked institutions.
  • Top graded online learning platform for Bachelor or Master degree program.
  • Course contents are created by top alumni from around the world.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee if you want to quit.


  • Lackings of learning in less speaking language.
  • One-to-one interaction is less.
  • It will not suit perfectly for general graded students.
  • Experienced teachers or alumni other than Edx partners can not teach on this platform.
Coursera Online Learning

Coursera was founded in 2012 with a vision of providing career transforming online learning experience to students or learners around the globe.

It is one of the best online learning platforms for those students or learners who have a desire to get a Bachelor's or Master's degree from top-ranked universities. Moreover, it offers various certificate courses from IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Googled, SAS, etc.

If you are planning to do a professional certification course or maybe a degree from a top-class University then Coursera can be your pathway.

  • Students or learners.
  • professional who want to speed up their career in the desired time frame.


  • Degree program directly from Top Universities.
  • The cost of the Degree is much cheaper compared with the same on-campus degree.
  • Professional certifications are widely acceptable by renowned companies.
  • Have the option to learn directly from the world’s top companies.


  • Don’t have many courses compare with few other platforms.
  • Teachers other than partner Universities can not join to teach.
Skillshare Online learning

Skillshare is an online community where you can boost your skill in various sectors under the categories of design, lifestyle, business, technology, and a lot more. As per our analysis, you need to be a bit familiar with the environment of which thing you want to learn and become professional.

Thousands of classes and skilled teachers are there to teach you and bring your current skill to the next level.

There are 14 days free trial periods to choose whether it suits you or not. Premium membership is there with a monthly and yearly package as $19 and $99 respectively. In that case, you will have access to unlimited courses in Skillshare.

  • Students or learners who want to learn and become professional in the future.
  • Teachers or professionals who want to teach thousands of students around the world.


  • Unlimited access to courses after signup in the premium module.
  • Video tutorial is there in every course.
  • Offline practices are possible.
  • Verified professional to create course contents.


  • Lacking courses other than designing compare with other online learning platforms.
  • Lacking one-to-one interaction.
  • Video tutorials in some courses are not enough.