Money Matter

Money matters because it drives life smoothly

How does money matter in life?

Laughing huh!?
You must be thinking, ” What a Joke it is and this would be the funniest question in this 21st Century”, right? If you think the above question is really funny then I must say you are a sensible person. So that I am! I am not here to give you a lesson about money like what is made of money and all. Just need to make you understand money matters until the last day of existence on world.

Perhaps, I want to share ideas with you to change your view of earning money in the shortest time.

Let's break the barrier

Let’s get through and break the barrier of old age thoughts, just like, go to school, college or university then finish your study and get the desired degree or else. Then become a job hunter and running door to door of a countless number of offices or corporate sector to get a job.

But, do you think that job would be enough for you and your future generation? It may be enough for you, but it was not enough for me though and so that of millions of people in this world.

Before going anywhere else fruitful, let’s go one more boring topic first!

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What is Money? Are you serious about it?

I know, asking this question to anybody; will feel weird to many readers out there. But seriously, how will you define money. Wikipedia says “Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts, such as taxes, in a particular country or socio-economic context “.

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. 

This is the Theoretical or by the book definition of money. If you ask any individual what is money, then the answer will be different for everyone. The reason for this difference in interpretation is because money is the means for every individual to fulfill their own needs, dreams, and everything else which makes living easy and comfortable. So it goes without a doubt that “Money Matters “.

Money is a commodity which is same for all class of people. From a fruit vendor to a Millionaire running an enterprise, money is the same. The difference is the quantity and goals or purpose that money fulfills.

A lower-class individual will be happy having plain food at home but a high-class businessman might not be happy with the best food served in the best 5-star hotels and restaurants. This difference in the level of satisfaction is because money also raises desires and expectations. This is the major drawback of money it creates expectations, lead to disagreements and obsession also.

Why having money is important?

  • It provides safety and security to you and your near and dear ones.
  • Earning money liberates an individual. It makes you stand on your own feet and makes you independent.
  • It enables one to live freely and encourages pursue your ambitions and hobbies.
  • If you have money then you can experiment with what you actually want in life and what you should be doing.
  • Whenever life situations are not favorable having money provides you with a buffer to start afresh.

If you are born poor, it's not your mistake, but if you die poor, it’s your mistake.

How to earn money wisely? does money matter to you?

In the current scenario of the present world, the entire globe is suffering from COVID 19 crisis. Economies are crumbling, businesses and companies are incurring heavy losses and struggling to survive this crisis. 

As a result, this situation leads to an increase in unemployment on a global scale. In such situations, any opportunity to earn money that comes around feels like a blessing in disguise. In the current work culture “WORK FROM HOME “is the new normal.

Is it really hard to earn money?

Anyone can earn money, all thanks to the plethora of opportunities and mediums out there for one to display their talents and capabilities. 

The world is digital now and one can see the universe of opportunities inside the 17-inch screen of the laptop. Nowadays even a laptop is also not compulsory as everything is accessible on handheld devices such as mobiles, tablets, etc. 

I will be honest earning money is not easy, it requires focus and patience, only crime and scams provide easy and fast money but sacrificing the future for a few easy bucks is never right.

Different societies in different continents are slowly reforming and adapting to new and innovative ideas of running businesses and earning money but the majority of us still feel one should have a good stable job in hand as a PLAN A and then you can experiment with new ideas and measures as PLAN B. 

This is right to some extent as starting something new is always risky if proper research is not put into the idea and strategy is not in place.

Change your view and confidence because money matters

If you want to change your financial life  then the first and foremost thing you need to do is to break the barrier of “Can I do?” You need to jump from “CAN I” to “I CAN”. Having confidence in your capability and idea can change your struggling life forever.

Whether you need it or not but money matters in your life until your existence on earth.

You need to identify your talents or strengths. No need to be worried others who have some quality as well; you need to identify yours and figure out a way to make money through it.

And, nothing is more satisfying than being able to earn money through your Hobby or inherent qualities.

Start your financial journey on the right track

If your present income is active then try to involve in passive income until it reaches the top of your active income. By spending just 2 hours extra along with your regular work or job can lead you to become successful quickly because money matters.

How many of us do not kill the most valuable time is on the internet, just for nothing? The answer will be millions of people. Have you ever thought that? Or, have you ever counted those hours of your precious time which will not come again?

I am not a counselor to make you learn which is good or which is not.  But I just want to tell you that you have still a lot of time to fulfill your dreams ahead. You just need to proceed with the right path.  

Become your own Boss

Money matters and it does really my friends. You will not find anybody with certain age who does not looking for money in different ways.

So, start your financial journey by kicking off to online jobs. Become your boss by doing that properly. By doing that you will have much time to spend in life with family and friends or else.

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At first, define yourself as who you are as a profession. Are you a student, job holder, job seeker, housemaker, retired person, performer, or else? Every one of you can start online jobs to be successful. So,  wake up guys!