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Online jobs for job holders

Online jobs for job holders can be started beside regular work

Online jobs for job holders are easy to start as part time before make that full time job. 

According to, there is around 45% of the world's employees are not satisfied with their job. The reason behind this dissatisfaction is either job role, job type, working hours, or salary.

Sometimes, it might be intolerable to pass through these situations but nothing to do due to the financial support of their families and else.  

It won’t be wrong if we say, many of those from that percentage eagerly want to do something extra work besides their regular job roles.

By giving some extra time to do some online jobs can lead anyone to be more financially solvent and as a result, he or she can bring some more financial happiness to his or her family.

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We have sorted out some best online jobs for any job holder to try out in 2021. Let’s check it out.

1. Blogging:

Are you able to do an extra 1-2  hours of work at home or anywhere after your regular office job? If you say yes then it will be just highly recommended to start your blog based on some great niche. 

This is one of the best options to earn online anywhere in the world. Once you get yourself adopt to a blogging environment, this could be the best way for you to earn money. you will need a domain, hosting, and a good niche to start a blog.

Once your blog is ready, you can monetize it and you will earn even when you are sleeping. Your blog’s niche can be anything of your choice. This is a multi-billion-dollar business and anyone in this world can join this business anytime.

2. Article & Blog post writing:

Millions of websites are required to update their content regularly. And the content is what we usually read on any website. 

You cannot find anybody who has not gone through average or bad content during his or her entire browsing history. Yes, it happens sometimes that we are looking for some useful or specific information on the web but failed to get that in one or two attempts.

Do you know the reason? The reason is lack of knowledge and grammatical depth of a content which has been written by someone like me or you. 

What you have to do, is to change this pattern. Be knowledgeable, research a lot before writing any content, and it would be great to have some good depth in grammar.

Oh, one more thing, you don’t need to be the best content writer in the whole world, sometimes you can use some good proofreading tools like  ‘Grammarly and it can help you to build up wonderful and error-free content for your client.

Nowadays, it’s a high-demand contractual online job. And you can get a huge number of orders from your client on a platform like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc.

Websites where online jobs for job holders with articles and blog post writing are available to start now:

3. Print design:

It’s a market of 45 billion US dollars. You can earn thousands of dollars every month by giving some best effort to your work. 

I will suggest everyone who has some good knowledge in print design (Photoshop editing, infographic design, vector tracing, etc.) should create a Website or Blog with the facility to have ordered from clients online globally.

If you think, you are on a tight budget then I will recommend signing up in other online platforms ( Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer) for freelancing work. 

Once you are getting used to these platforms, you will be able to make a hell of a lot of money. 

After earning a good amount of money regularly, you can set up a small business unit with a few other staff to catch the maximum orders from online. Believe me, there will be no limit for you! 

Websites where online jobs for job seekers with Print Design are available:

4. Graphic design:

It has been years that thousand of graphic designers have been earning millions of dollars all over the world in the offline market. But it’s time to hit those in the online platform.

There are thousands of companies, individuals are offering thousands of graphic design work requirements every day. There is a hell of a lot of software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc. are out there to use.

What you have to do is mastering on any of that professional software to deliver the best work for your online client.

If you think you can design whatever the customer asks then you should straightway start this job on online platforms.

And if you think you need to polish your knowledge of graphic design to the next level then I would suggest you go to get a short professional course about your designing software from someone like professional alumni on a platform like Udemy, Skillshare, etc. with a very low and nominal cost. 

Just keep in mind this is also a billion-dollar market.

Websites where online jobs for job holders as a graphic designer are available

7. Web development:

If you have sound knowledge in web programming like python, PHP, SQL, etc. then just sell your knowledge and time for your online client and make thousands of dollars every month.

You can do either web development for your clients on online platforms or you can teach a hundred or thousands of new learners as a course of your programming knowledge in the platform like Udemy, SkillShare, etc. 

The most interesting part is that you can do both the work simultaneously.

Websites where online jobs for job holders with web development are available:

8. Software development:

If you know how to swim on the ocean of programming with a different language then thousands of dollars are waiting for you online. 

I will not make you confuse anymore! I just want to say that sound knowledge of any programming language can bring you solid financial success.

To be successful, you should have one professional looking Website or Blog. Where you can offer your customers or clients all of your software for free on a trial basis (for 7-14 days) or based on your convenience.

You should have an option to offer new software based on the client’s requirements. If you think a new website is costly then it will be way good to start your work with a platform given below.

Websites where online jobs for job holders with software development are available to start now:

9. WordPress Web development:

To design or develop a WordPress website, you don’t need to be a web programmer. You can be a mastermind in WordPress in a short period. 

Around 35% of all websites in the world are built on WordPress. It’s easy and developed for anyone who wishes to build their website by themselves.

If you have a master hand in WordPress then hundred and thousands of new required websites are waiting for you to develop from your client end. 

There are thousands of clients or better said customers are searching WordPress site creators on the internet every single day. Many of them are looking for the entire site development or some are looking for partial work for their websites. 

I will suggest you showcase your works on your Blog or Website. Having a blog or website gives reliability to clients for sure. Along with this,  you can sign up on different online platforms to start getting orders from customers straight away.

Websites where online jobs for job holders with WordPress websites are available to start now:

10. Web Programming:

If you have sound knowledge in any of these languages such as PHP, Html, .Net, Python, etc. then this will be your right time to start a web programming job online.

We know that there are a lot of online website builders are available to develop websites. But there are some very critical parts or special kinds of website tools which can be developed perfectly by web programming only.

In one word, the demand for web programming will be never finished. What you have to do is that you need a broadband connection with your setup whether in-home or office and grab the offer made by your client on your platform or others.

Online jobs of Web Programming are available to start now:

11. Mobile App development:

There are more than 5 billion of world people are using smartphones and this number are increasing every year roughly as more than 100 million. Is this information being not enough for you to make yourself a mobile app developer?

For your kind information, every smartphone has been running with a lot of apps. A productive or useful app can change your financial life forever. 

Because you can earn hundreds to millions of dollars from a kind of best app. Moreover, every one of the whole smartphone users is spending more time due to this covid-19 pandemic situation. So, wake up guys!

Websites where online jobs for job holders with app development are available to start now:

12. Online Coding lessons:

If you are a freak of coding or computer programming then you can teach that computer coding to thousands of new learners around the world. 

There are millions of students who are trying to learn coding from their academic class or else but in most cases, it happens that students are not able to understand their required computer language in their academic session.

And they usually search for real coding lessons online. That’s the point you need to grab. Many online platforms are out there for you to make a medium for you and your upcoming learners.

There is a big amount of money that can be earned from every lesson you give.

Online jobs of Coding Lessons are available to start now:

13. Financial Consultant:

Money or finance-related words are the most spoken phrase during this pandemic situation. It was never easy to earn money and during this epidemic environment, it’s even tougher than the usual time for the in general people. 

Now a day, spending or investing money is a way better concern compares with before.

Wrong spending or investing a good amount of funds can lead someone to fall into financial damage or crisis for a long time and even can be for life. My friends, this is the best time I say to become a financial consultant.

A good background of studies or expertise in this field can place you in a super smooth financial life. Thousands of I must say, millions of people are looking for a good financial consultant to get some extraordinary financial decision from someone like you. So, it’s time to wake!

Online jobs of Financial consultant are available to start now:

14. Online Teaching:

You need to know those online teaching platforms are the business of 300 billion US dollars in the whole world. Whoever you are a professional teacher, student, or anybody who has some superior knowledge of any subject that can be taught online then I must say, you are part of that USD 300 billion.

If you are thinking of this job first time then it’s a perfect time to start with because almost millions of students or learners out of their schools or colleges during this epidemic. 

In that case, online platforms are the best option for anyone for this job. The interesting part of this job is that the option to teach students around the world.

Websites where online jobs of Online Teaching are available to start now:

15. Digital Social media marketing:

There are almost 4 BILLION active users of social media out of 7.8 BILLION of the total world population. And the average spending time of each user on social media is about 2 hours every day.

If this information is not enough for you to start a digital social media marketing job as soon as possible then I will like to add that the increasing percentage of these users is almost 13% annually.

I know you are also an active user of social media. But have you ever thought that this could be a game-changing option in your career in your life? If you think that you have sound knowledge of digital social media marketing then it will be best to start the journey right away.

Are you are new to this job and want to be successful? I will suggest you first go through some short and great courses from some of the industry-leading instructors of Udemy, SkillShare, etc.

Websites where online jobs of Social media marketing are available to start now:


Having a fixed job even can not manage financial needs sometimes. Countless job holders often think about earning more in honest ways. 

But it is not always possible to do an extra outdoor job besides the regular one. If you are in a position like that I would suggest to try any of the online jobs above. 

Find out 1 or 2 hours for an online job with your regular work and it can lead you to reach the desired financial goal. Set your mindset as ‘I can’ rather than ‘Can I?’ Believe my friends, you are very near to change your life.

It’s time to wake up guys!