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Online Jobs for Job Seekers to start in 2021

The Best Online Jobs for Job Seekers and You Must Start Now in 2022

Are you looking for work from home? Online jobs for job seekers are available to start now in 2022. Thanks for coming to this article. You are simply not alone there who is thinking an online earning scope could be the best for you. 

There are thousands; ‘sorry’ now, millions of people are starting to think to earn money online. And you don’t need to be scared of these numbers at all.

Let’s go through in the ocean of hope and practically possible stages where any of us can start earning money from right away.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links that may provide a little fee to us at no extra cost to you when you purchase any service through us. However, these links are for the best tools to start an online job, website, blog, or business based on our reviews.

Before we go further, let’s get a statistics in brain instantly.

According to UNITED NATIONS, more than a billion workers in the informal economy and half of the world’s workforce are in danger line to losing their livelihood to live in their way due to this pandemic.

Moreover, there is no sensible person who can claim the immediate recovery of the world economy in this pandemic situation. In this worst economic situation, almost 90% of job seekers will face a bit hard environment in the job sector. But, this is the best time for job seekers to try Online Jobs.

There are countless ways and online jobs for job seekers are not difficult anymore. Someone can choose any of those to give a kick start a earning from Online Jobs.

We have sorted out the best possible ways; any job seeker can start now to be financially solvent within shortest possible duration.

1. Graphic design:

It has been years that thousand of graphic designers have been earning millions of dollars all over the world in offline market. But it’s time for hit those in online platform.

There are thousands of companies, individual are offering thousands of graphic design work requirement every day. 

There are hell lot of software like Photoshop, illustrator, Corel draw etc. are out there to use. What you have to do is mastering on any of that professional software to deliver the best work for your online client.

If you really think you are able to design whatever the customer ask then you should straightway start this job online on various platforms.

You may need to polish your knowledge of graphic design to next level. 

I would suggest you to go to get a short professional course about your designing software from someone like professional alumni on platform like Udemy with a very low and nominal cost. Just keep in mind this is also a billion dollar market.

Free Course for Beginners on Adobe Illustrator

Websites where online jobs for job seekers as a graphic designer are available

2. Start Blogging

A blog stands in an argument or informational content. Such things are photos, articles, review, etc. on a particular subject are published on a website consisting of distinct. 

It is something like often diary-style text entries on a daily, weekly, or maybe monthly basis. What do you think? Is blogging an online job for a job seeker? Yes, blogging can be one of the best online jobs for job seekers.

Yes, of course blogging is an online job. Because you have to spend time in your blog online only. Perhaps, you can start a blog as a business from day one. I can guaranty you that you can do it for sure.

Becoming a blogger can be one of the best options to earn online from anywhere in the world. This is one of the finest ways to earn money. And the limit can be beyond your imagination. You will need to buy a domain, hosting, and a good niche to start a blog within 30 minutes. 

Once your blog is ready, you can monetize it wisely. You will earn even when you are sleeping from your blog. Your blog’s niche can be anything of your choice. Even, it can be the hard experience of your life you have passed through.

Moreover, you can share knowledge or experience with your blog readers. Even you can sell online lessons, products along with affiliate marketing through your blog or website. 

This is a multi-million-dollar industry and any job seeker can join this business anytime.

3. Logo & Brand Identity

Even this is a part of graphic design, still there are thousands of requirement placed everyday on online platform only for logo design for individual or companies.

If you have some artistic brain or creativity left in you then you are the person who should kick start this sector fully online. It takes just 10 minutes to start your gigs on any platform like Fiverr, and you are ready to go earn money online.

I personally know someone who has been delivering a work every 1 hour to his customer online. And he usually charges $15-$25 per logo design. Every day, he rejects a number of orders placed by customer due to shortage of his time. If you are good to go, you will face such situation in no time.

Websites where online jobs for job seekers with logo and brand identity are available:

4. Gaming Art:

Gaming business is the market of nearly 300 billion dollars. Nowadays, this is the 2nd largest entertainment market in the world . 

Gaming Art is the visual elements of any game which is played on user device. Whether this is computer or phone based games, the demand of gaming art is endless.

Are you looking for a decent online job? Online jobs for job seekers as gaming artist can be a way better option.

And it is the part of this business which has required thousands of gaming artist every now and then. If you have sound knowledge in game designing then a high profitable income is waiting next to you.  Just go signup in various online platforms along with your blog or website.

Websites where online jobs for job seekers with the game design are available:

5. Stock photography:

It will be hard to find anyone who never clicks photo on his/her phone or camera yet. But, have you ever thought, some of your extra-ordinary clicks can bring you a sound income regularly.

This is by far the easiest and one of the best online jobs for job seekers, if you are serious about your work.

What you have to do is to polish your photography skill in bit next level to produce some meaningful photographs and that’s all. Sign up in Istock, pexel or pixabay and upload your photographs with price regularly. Once your earning start, hope that it will never stop.

Learn Stock Photography by your Smartphone:

Websites where Stock Photographers can sell photos as Online Jobs:

6. Web development:

Do you have sound knowledge in web programming like python, PHP, SQL, etc? Then just sell your knowledge and time for your online client and make thousands of dollars every month.

You can do either web development for your client on various online platforms as online jobs. Moreover,  you can teach a hundred or thousands of new learners as courses of your programming knowledge in a platform like Udemy, etc.

The most interesting part is that you can do both the work simultaneously.

Websites where online jobs for job seekers with web development are available:

7. Visual Editing:

Every day, it requires thousands of info-graphics or vector tracing elements for countless numbers of websites and projects. 

You can consider this as never ending required essentials for thousands of clients. As a result, visual editing can not only be your hobby but a great profession as an online job.

In visual editing you can pick Photoshop editing, info-graphic design, vector tracing as per my opinion. Let me tell you one thing, you can be mastering yourself in any of these three to achieve the next level of success. There are lot more platforms where you can start earning straightway.

You can sell your existing design or can create designs for your clients on regular basis.

Along with another platform, it would be highly recommended to get through with your site or blog.

Websites where online jobs for job seekers with visual editing are available:

8. Article & Blog post writing:

Do you possess some unsurpassed grammatical knowledge in English or top spoken languages? If the answer is yes then it will be one of the best online jobs for job seekers like you to begin with.

Firstly, you need to go and pick some topics from Google or else. Secondly,  write some excellent articles on those topics. Thirdly, let’s put those pieces of writing in your gigs of different online platforms. Finally,  signup into different platforms that suits you most.

Please remember “To err is human”. So, you might need to proofread your writings before submitting them to your valuable clients. Software like ‘Grammarly’ can always help to create an outstanding piece of writing. 

Are you still thinking that your confidence level is not yet up to the mark? In that case, I will suggest you order a similar editorial from any online platform with a minimum price. And make a comparison that writing with your own.

I strongly believe your article will be way better than the one you ordered from that online platform. If I am not wrong then you are ready to kick your journey to change your financial toughness forever.

Websites where online jobs for job seekers with articles and blog post writing are available to start now:

9. Translation:

This is a process to translate a word or text from one language to another language. You might be thinking, how one can earn in this way. You never know that millions of words, text or speech is translating every day around the world.

If you know any mostly spoken foreign language other than English then this may change your financial goal for sure.

The best thing will be going with your self blog or website with a good portfolio. It will give your clients a smell of authencity in your works. Moreover, it will provide a belief in your expertise.

Along with your Blog or Website,  you need to create a profile on various online platforms and offer some best price initially.

I will suggest keeping patience and doing your best job in your order and that’s all.

Websites where online jobs for job seekers with translation are available to start now:

10. Video Editing:

Can you imagine that thousand hours or videos are uploading on internet every minute? Countless hours of video are producing and editing in online and offline every day. 

I believe, everyone can shoot video but it’s hard to believe that everyone can edit perfectly. And here is the point to get this job seriously.

A professional video editor can charge an amount per minute of editing with extra animation if required. Thousands of people are running for suitable video editors on the internet every day.

If you are one of them, make some sample video clips with your best effort. And make your profile on different online platforms.  Finally, put those of your sample videos on your online gigs, Blog, or Website to show. And that’s all. Start getting orders and make it big guys!

Websites where online jobs of Video Editing are available to start now:

11. Animations:

Whiteboard & animated explainer, video logo animations, and animation for kid’s job can be a game-changer in your tight financial life. 

If you know how to do some good and eye-catchy animations then you must try this without any delay. You might have a hobby do animation. But, can you ever think that how this could be a golden feather in your financial goal?

In that case, creative animations can be one of the best online jobs for job seekers.

If you are lacking confidence then I will suggest having professional guidance or a short course under any specialist before you start this full-time career.

You will find many specialist short courses of top-class animation experts on Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, EDX, Teachable, or iSpring with which you can always polish your expertise to get the best outcome of this job.

Once you are ready you should have your Website or Blog to show your best work to the world. Besides this, you are encouraged to sign up in various online platforms to get huge orders from your client from all over the world.

Websites where online jobs for job seekers with animation are available to start now:

12. Sound/music works:

Certainly, it bases  on how you can use your vocal in the right manner. Do you have good vocal tone quality for voice over on audio or video profile? Then, you can earn a good amount of money on regular basis online.

You may have sound knowledge in sound designing. Or you can sing or create jingle or intros for videos or audios. In that case, you can make a huge amount of money online. By doing work for your clients from all over the world can help you to achieve your financial goal.

Furthermore, you can teach music lessons to thousands of music students from around the world. And it will be based on the category you are specialized in.

Your creative and hard work can earn you thousand of dollars. It is one of the best online jobs for job seekers.

It would be recommended to have an own Blog or Website to introduce your work to your desired clients. Else, you may sign up on various online platforms to teach your music students or work for your clients.

Websites where online jobs for job seekers with sound/music works are available to start now:

13. Software development:

If you know how to swim on the ocean of programming with different languages then thousands of dollars are waiting for you online.

I will not make you confuse anymore! I just want to say that sound knowledge of any programming language can bring you solid financial success.

Software development is one of the best online jobs for job seekers because the demand of this job will never end until any technology exist.

To be successful, you should have one professional looking Website or Blog. Where you can offer your customers or clients all of your software for free on a trial basis (for 7-14 days) or based on your convenience.

On the other hand, you should have the option to offer new software based on the client’s requirements. Moreover, you can sign up with different online platforms to get your required jobs.

A solid performance every time from your side will help you to get lot of positive reviews and comments. And this is the pillar of success for any software developer.

Websites where online jobs for job seekers with software development are available to start now:

14. WordPress Website Design:

To design or develop a WordPress website, you don’t need to be a web programmer. You can be a mastermind in WordPress in a short time.

Around 35% of all websites in the world are built on WordPress. It’s easy and developed for anyone who wishes to build their website by themselves.

Are you having a master's hand in WordPress? In that case, a hundred and thousands of new required websites are waiting for you to develop from your client's end.

There are thousands of client or better said customers are searching WordPress site creator on the internet every single day.

Many of them are looking for the entire site development or some are looking for partial work for their websites.

WordPress website or blog designing is one of the best online jobs for job seekers anytime.

I will recommend you showcase your works on your Blog or Website. Having a blog or website gives trustworthiness to clients for sure. Along with this,  you can sign up on various online platforms to start getting orders from customers immediately.

It’s time to kick-starting or never!

Websites where online jobs for job seekers with WordPress websites are available to start now:

15. Web Programming:

Having sound knowledge in any of these languages such as PHP, Html, .Net, Python, etc. can bring you a lot of money in no time. And this is the right time to start a web programming job online.

We know that there are a lot of online website builders are available to develop websites out there. 

But the number of developers are currently working online are very few compare with all. Any special kind of website which can be developed perfectly by web programming only.

In one word, the demand for web programming will never end. What you have to do is that you need a broadband connection with your setup whether in-home or office and grab the offer made by your client on your Blog or other platforms.

Online jobs of Web Programming are available to start now:

16. E-commerce development:

Do you know that there are countless numbers of offline businesses that are extending them to e-commerce platforms every day?

And you will hardly find any businessman or shop keeper who will develop his or her E-commerce store by himself or herself.

The technical world is rapidly changing and this is the right time for you to take a step ahead and become an e-commerce developer. The future of e-commerce web development is endless and so that you're earning.

E-commerce development can be one of the best online jobs for job seekers now.

Free signup in reputed web platforms along with your website for promoting will be the best first step to go ahead.

Online jobs of eCommerce development are available to start now:

17. Mobile App development:

More than 5 billion of world populations are using smart phones and these numbers are increasing every year roughly as more than 100 million. Is not this information enough for you to start your career as mobile app developer?

For your kind information, every smartphone has been running with a lot of apps. A productive or useful app can change your financial life forever.

You can earn thousands of dollars from a useful app. Moreover, every one of the whole smartphone users is spending more time due to this epidemic situation. Develop apps is one of the best online jobs out there for job seekers. So, wake up guys!

Websites where online jobs for job seekers with app development are available to start now:

18. Online Coding lessons:

If you are a freak of coding or computer programming then you can teach that computer coding to thousands of new learners around the world. There are millions of students who are trying to learn coding from their academic class or else.

In most cases, it happens that students are not able to understand their required computer language in their academic session. 

As a result, students need some extra care with knowledge of programming. Seriously, you can consider this as one of the best online jobs for job seekers to start now.

And they usually search for real coding lessons online. That’s the point you need to grab. 

Various online platforms stand there for you to make a medium of you and your upcoming learners. There is a big amount of money that can be earned from every lesson you give.

Online jobs of Coding Lessons are available to start now:

19. Virtual assistant:

The way of work has been changed a lot from offline to online during the past 20 years. From small to large scale business or office work, it is hard to find any person or organizations that are not connected online with their work.

And virtual assistances are the common and highly anticipated job on online platform. Thousands of big or medium scale businesses are hiring virtual assistants from around the world to fulfill their jobs on time.

Do you have some good knowledge of any commonly spoken language? Are you having some sound depth in any particular area which is related to the online background? In this case, you are the person who should start working as a virtual assistant blindly.

If you have some passion and integrity then you even can join multiple organizations or personnel as their virtual assistant. Believe me, the earning capacity of this sector are increasingly outstanding. And, it can be one of the best online jobs for job seekers for sure.

Online jobs of Virtual assistant are available to start now:

20. Financial Consultant:

Money or finance related words are the most spoken phrase during this pandemic situation. 

It was never easy to earn money and during this epidemic environment, it’s even tougher than the usual time for the in general people. Now a day, spending or investing money is a way better concern compares with before.

A wrong spending or investing a good amount of fund can lead someone to fall in financial damage or crisis for long time and even can be for life. My friends, this is the best time I say to become a financial consultant.

A good background of studies or expertise in this field can place you in super smooth financial life. Thousands or I must say, millions of people are looking for a good financial consultant to get some extra ordinary financial decision from someone like you. So, it’s time for wake!

Online jobs of Financial consultant are available to start now:

21. Data Entry:

Once, it was commonly searched for a job online and in most cases, most of those guys lead to fraudulent type offices and lost their hard-earned money, time, and effort in a short time and ended with frustration.

But, that situation has been changed rapidly. And it’s now a way better option for anyone to get a job like data entry.

What you need is a good typing habit or speed with a little bit of knowledge of the English language preferably. Hey friends, this is not a ROCKET SCIENCE at all. Even a school going student can earn a hell of a lot of money from this job.

Remember, if you are really serious about this job then this can be one of the best online jobs for job seekers anytime.

What you have to do is to sign up for some well-known platforms and creates superb gigs or profiles there and that’s all dear! Yes, you are done and ready to go.

Online jobs of Data Entry are available to start now:

22. Online Teaching:

You need to know those online teaching platforms are the business of 300 billion US dollars in the whole world. Whether, you are a professional teacher, student, or anybody who has some superior knowledge of any subject that can be taught online then I must say, you are part of that USD 300 billion.

If you are thinking of this job first time then it’s a perfect time to start with because almost millions of students or learners are not attending their schools or colleges physically during this epidemic.

Seriously, this is by far one of the best online jobs for job seekers. 

You can do sign up on different online platforms and make it big. Online teaching is one of the best options for anyone to try. The interesting part of this job is that the option to teach students around the world.

Websites where online jobs of Online Teaching are available to start now:

23. Fitness Lesson:

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or fitness lover or might be wanted to be a fitness guru. Then you must know this fitness industry is not only a passion for everyone but also a part of good physical life. Finally it’s been an industry of more than $100 billion.

To become a fitness instructor is not an ocean science but to be trained yourself under good supervision then start a fitness school or center online. It can be one of the best online jobs for job seekers when most people are conscious about their health.

What you will be needed is having a good Website or fitness Blog along with your YouTube channel from where you can offer a free or paid service for your clients from all over the world.

Thousands of people are doing exactly this same process and earning a hell lot of money. Many of them have been selling countless fitness related  items or products related to this industry and earning a lot of money.

In that case, along with blog, you can start your online store to sell fitness products.

Finally, I want to say, don’t just think about your physical fitness but to think others as well. And it can lead you to be a financially stable.

Websites where online store can be started quickly:

24. Arts & Crafts Lesson or sell products:

It will hard to find any parents who want their child to become professional in the arts & crafts industry. And even, it will be hard to find any students who want to make their careers in the arts & crafts sector.

But, I must say to all of you my friends, there are very few earning sectors available in this world with very little competition. And this sector is one of them. If you have a passion and integrity to make one of the best careers in life then go into this sector blindly.

If you enclose a background in this sector then it will be needed to make a proper plan to go ahead with your passion.

you must need a good WordPress Website with e-commerce or a good online store to show and sell all your products. It can be mainly old & modern touched to show the entire world and start getting ordered to sell those to your customers.

Along with this, you can start another part of this sector just as to teach how to learn and succeed in this field to newcomers. Count on my words, you will find thousands of students or learners from around the world who want to learn this and make their career in this industry.

This could be one of the best online jobs for job seekers like you. I strongly believe you can earn either way or both. Keep in mind this industry is not as small as the study says it will be worth around $45 billion within the year 2024.

Websites where online store or lesson can be started quickly:

25. Merchandise design (T-shirt, merchandise):

I would love to see my site WAKEUPGUYS.COM has been printed on t-shirts, cap, jackets, hoodies, etc. And not only for me but also for marketing purposes. Perhaps, this could be a reasonably cheap marketing strategy as well.

In 2021, the apparel industry has been raised to $1.5 Trillion yearly business and merchandise design is a growing big part of this segment. You can consider merchandise designing is one of the best online jobs for job seekers in this 21st century.

There could be three ways someone can earn a big amount of money. These are to teach learners or students, do design for your clients, and sell merchandise products. To do all these, you will need to have a Website or Blog along with free signup on different platforms.

if you want to teach and help thousands of people to become a merchandise designer like you then a platform like Udemy, Teachable is waiting for you to kick start the journey on the ship of money.

Websites where online jobs of Merchandise design are available to start now:

26. Digital Social media marketing:

There are almost 4 BILLION active users of social media out of 7.8 BILLION of the total world population. 

And the average spending time of each user in social media is about 2 hours every day. Is this information is not enough for you to start a digital social media marketing job soon as possible?

Then I would like to add that the increasing percentage of these users is almost 13% annually. Digital social media marketing can be one of the best online jobs for job seekers who are serious about their work.

I know you are also an active user of social media. But have you ever thought that this could be a game-changing option in a career in your life? 

If you think that you have sound knowledge of digital social media marketing then it will be best to start the journey right away.

 Are you new to this job and want to be successful? I will suggest you first go through some short and great courses from some of the industry-leading instructors of Udemy, Teachable etc.

Websites where online jobs of Social media marketing are available to start now:

27. Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is a part of digital social media marketing. Once you have a good base of the audience under your account or channel etc, you can involve in collaboration with brands or products to promote those to your audience.

Some of the top celebrities earn million dollars from single post from their social media account.

To be honest, the earning capacity in influencer marketing is huge. You don't need to be celebrity to earn thousand dollars per month. In that case, you have to be regular in your work and get connected to your audience as much as possible in good manner.

Platform like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram is best for influencer marketing.

Websites where online jobs of Influencer marketing are available to start now:

28. Online music lesson:

Wherever you are in the world, it would be hard to find people surrounding you who don’t like or love music. And if you have a music background in you then it will best time to start your online music class or lesson soon as possible. 

What you have to do is to start a Website or Blog to promote your profile along with your lessons. And get connected to your students through various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

The best place where you can teach your students is on your Blog along with some other below listed web platform. Remember, this could be one of the best online jobs for job seekers nowadays. 

It is widely possible even to teach music lessons online. If you think that building a website will be a hassle for you then you can place an order to build your website by any professional site builder in various online freelancing websites starting with $20-$50. And this amount is nothing compared with what you will earn from this job.

Websites where online jobs of music lessons are available to start now:

29. Affiliate marketing

This is one of the best online jobs for job seekers, if you can contribute some time on it. Affiliate marketing is one of the top trending ways to earn money by staying at convenient place. 

Being a job seeker, you can earn online through affiliate marketing. It is a great way to earn on every purchase that a person will do through the external links in your blog. Also, it doesn’t demand much time, and you can take good care of your other the works.

To start affiliate marketing, you will need to create a Blog or Website. You can choose a good niche for your Blog or Website. Countless companies offer an affiliate program for their products or services. You need to choose your item from there. 

Firstly, you have to signup with various affiliate marketplace. Secondly, you will need to give your Blog or Website domain name during the sign-up procedure. Thirdly, you can choose any products or niche from those marketplaces and get those external links. Fourthly, add content to your blog or website related to those niches you want to promote. Fifthly, start getting paid by your audience clicking links to your blog or website.

Try to put some influential article or topic there in your Blog. Keep connected with your audience through various social media platforms as well. 

And altogether, you are ready to start making money online. To be honest, some affiliate marketers earn more than $100K per month.

Keep little bit of patience with this job, success will come and stand by next to your door.

Websites where online jobs for Job seeker as Affiliate Marketer are available to start:


Online jobs for job seekers from home or anywhere is a common thing nowadays. Most of us usually spend hours on the internet every day. 

How many of us have ever thought of using internet in a good manner? Many of us are misusing the internet in different ways. Just spend 2 hours with online jobs among countless hours of misusing the internet can make your financial life way better. 

We have tested the online jobs platform with particular jobs for our audience to give a try now.