Online Jobs for student

Online jobs for students to try in 2021

Before going depth into online jobs for students, let's face some real scenarios.

Student life is the most fascinating and energetic phase of one’s life. It is unforgettable and remains charming throughout life. The memory of this life is a constant source of joy.

Many students around the world usually face financial problems to continue their studies during the different phases of student life. Trying online jobs for students can give relief from the burden of that financial pressure.

In practical life, one can cherish even the unpleasant memories of that time. Most students relish this time to the fullest but some of them have to face many emotional, physical, social, and more importantly financial problems at that time.

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Financial pressure

One of the gravest among those is financial pressure. A student with this problem specifically, is unable to perform well in his academic career. 

The adverse effects of economic issues are long-lasting and remain persistent throughout the life of that pupil. To overcome this situation is as important as providing the students with education.

Today the world is advancing at its highest pace. The competition in every field of life is greatest than ever. It is crucial to aware and motivates the students about the need for the hour. 

Teacher’s responsibility has increased manifolds. The role of teachers has immensely enlarged to motivation and career counseling to build an independent and financially stable generation.

The time of secondary and professional education is the peak time to direct your future goals and achievement. This is the most important time for a person to design his/her future. 

Students have to face a roller coaster of dramatic changes emotionally and psychologically. It can be a win-win for those who get the better of this condition. The proper guidance and exposure to a healthy learning ambiance make it possible to get rid of financial problems.

Low-income family background and student earning

Millions of students from different countries around the world belong to low-income families. Despite the population explosion there, the earning hand of a family remains one for many years.

Unlike most western countries, the whole burden of a family lies upon one main figure of the family, here. The rest of the family relies on that family member even after completing a major part of the education because of a lack of awareness and their social norms. 

It was a rare scene for a brown family to make their children financially independent from an early age.

Even in western countries, it has been widely observed that a huge number of students struggle during their college or university education due to high tuition fees. 

And sometimes, millions of students from those developed countries rely on part-time jobs to support their tuition fees to complete their desired degree from there. As a result, they sometimes lose their valuable time by doing some odd jobs and couldn’t able to find some good time to invest in their studies.

Today the scenario is modified to a great extent. Students and families have understood this problem and its unfavorable effects. 

Technology has played a vital role in awareness and motivation in the new generation to work practically. It is a false belief that the new generation is lazy or dependent. They just need the right guidance and supportive surroundings.

Online jobs for students

Appended below are some important and easy online jobs to be done parallel with the process of education. Any student can earn from these jobs with a little effort. It is the best activity for any pupil to earn and share the financial pressure of their guardian. 

It also forbids the students to indulge in harmful and good-for-nothing activities. These jobs can be easily performed by the students of under and post-graduation.

1. Start Blogging

Blogging is one of the best options to earn online anywhere in the world. Once you get yourself adopt to a blogging environment, this could be the best way for you to earn money. you will need a domain, hosting, and a good niche to start a blog.

Once your blog is ready, you can monetize it and you will earn even when you are studying. Your blog’s niche can be anything of your choice. 

Even, you can sell online lessons along with affiliate marketing through your blog or website. Moreover, you can do a lot more with your blog and you simply can’t imagine until you start one. This is a multi-billion-dollar business and anyone in this world can join this business anytime.

2. Content Writing for Website or Blog

Many educational institutions focus on creative writing and assign different writing tasks to the students. This is a fruitful practice to prepare themselves for good writing skills. The students with writing aptitude must be introduced to different sites with content writing work. They should be encouraged to participate in writing activities and earning process. And online jobs for students are waiting there to join.

You should have some sound grammatical knowledge in English or any other widely spoken languages. In that case, writing can be one of the best options for you to go with.

Let’s go and pick some topic from Google or else and write some excellent article. You need to put those in your gigs and signup for the different online platforms that suit you most. By the way, you can always use ‘Grammarly’ as your proofreading software. It can help you to modify your primary error or any kind of grammatical mistake. Finally, it would be a wonderful piece of writing.

If you still think your confidence level is not yet up to the mark then I will suggest order a similar article from any below-mentioned platform or else with minimum price. And, compare that work with your own.
I strongly believe your article will be way better than the one you ordered from that online platform. If I am not wrong then you are ready to kick your journey to change your financial toughness forever.

Websites where online jobs for students with articles and blog post writing are available to start now:

3. Earn from Mobile Apps:

You pay for certain applications in the app store or android market, and this is usual. But do you know you could use smartphones to earn money for stuff like watching advertisements, installing apps, giving feedback, or even posting pics?

Wake up guys! It sounds too amazing to be true, but there are applications that actually do make money. Though these apps are not going to make you wealthy, they will give you some decent pocket money or some extra bucks for your bills. 

4. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry job is one of the easiest and commonplace jobs. It only needs a little knowledge of typing and the use of Microsoft office. Computer study should be mandatory at every level of student education. The future is of technology. Thus every person must have a basic knowledge of computer and information technology.

Once, it was commonly searched job on online and in most of the cases, most of those guys lead to fraudulent type offices and lost their hard-earned money, time and effort in a short time and ended with frustration. But that situation has been changed rapidly and it’s now a way better option for anyone to get a job like data entry.

What you need is a good typing habit or speed with a little bit of knowledge of the English language preferably. Hey friends, this is not a ROCKET SCIENCE at all. 

What you have to do is to sign up for some well-known platform like fiver, freelancer, etc., and creates superb gigs or profiles there and that’s all dear! Yes, you are done and ready to go.

Online jobs for students in Data Entry are available to start now:

5. Graphic designing

A class comprises students with different interests and inclination towards different fields of life. A large number of students at a very young age can be seen to create masterpieces without any proper guidelines. 

It is because they tend to perform better in that. Online jobs for students as graphic designer can be way better option to start with.

It has been years that thousand of graphic designers have been earning millions of dollars all over the world in the offline market. But it’s time to hit those in the online platform.

There are thousands of companies, individuals are offering thousands of graphic design work requirements every day. 

There is a hell of a lot of software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc. are out there to use. What you have to do is mastering on any of that professional software to deliver the best work for your online client.

If you think you can design whatever the customer asks then you should straightway start this job online on different platforms as freelancer.

And if you think you need to polish your knowledge of graphic design to the next level then I would suggest you go to get a short professional course about your designing software from someone like professional alumni on a platform like Udemy  with a very low and nominal cost. Just keep in mind this is also a billion-dollar market.

Websites where online jobs for students as a graphic designer are available

6. WordPress Website:

To design or develop a WordPress website, you don’t need to be a web programmer. As a student, you can learn and design a Blog or Website in WordPress in an hour.

Around 35% of all websites in the world are built on WordPress. It’s easy and developed for anyone who wishes to build their website by themselves. The demand for WordPress-made websites or blogs will never end. 

Moreover, thousands of offline businesses are going live online every day due to pandemics. Isn’t it the best time to make a career in this sector?

Are you having a master's hand in WordPress? In that case, a hundred and thousands of new required websites are waiting for you to develop from your client's end.

There are thousands of client or better said customers are searching WordPress site creator on the internet every single day.

Many of them are looking for the entire site development or some are looking for partial work for their websites.

I will recommend you showcase your works on your Blog or Website. Having a blog or website gives trustworthiness to clients for sure. Along with this,  you can sign up on various online platforms to start getting orders from customers immediately.

It’s time to kick-starting or never!

Websites where online jobs for students with WordPress websites are available to start now:

7. Voiceover

Voice over job is as simple as the transcription job. You will get a script and you need to speak it with the right pronunciation and in an attractive manner. Many videos today used the voice-over along with the written description. For example in YouTube videos.

There are various platforms where your targeted clients might be waiting for your service. It will be recommended to signup in Fiverr, Freelancer, and etc. to start your voiceover job right away.

Websites where online jobs for students with Voice Over are available to start now:

8. Online Tutor

The students having full command in a particular subject or topic can be the online tutor for other students. Some students have a very impressive teaching style. 

They can utilize this skill in earning money by creating an online lecture or giving someone online assistance.

You need to know those online teaching platforms are the business of 300 billion US dollars in the whole world. 

Whoever you are a professional teacher, student, or anybody who has some superior knowledge of any subject that can be taught online then I must say, you are part of that USD 300 billion.

If you are thinking of this job first time then it’s a perfect time to start with because almost millions of students or learners out of their schools or colleges during this epidemic. 

In that case, the platform like Udemy, Thinkifiq, etc. is the best option for anyone for this job. The interesting part of this job is that the option to teach students around the world.

Websites where online jobs of Online Teaching are available to start now:

9. Social Media Manager

Social media has become a part and parcel for all the world. It amazed many times with its power and strength to do impossible tasks. 

People are using it for many purposes now. The social connection with friends and family has become a cliché now. People are using social media for earning. They are selling their skills, products through it. 

One can simply make a page or account and social media sites and start advertising their commodities. You can also have a social media manager job. It is quite a simple job as social media and its working is not a new thing for the new generations

Are you new to this job and want to be successful? I will suggest you first go through some short and great courses from some of the industry-leading instructors of Udemy, Teachable etc.

Websites where online jobs of Social media marketing are available to start now:

10. Stock photography:

It will be hard to find anyone who never clicks photo on his/her phone or camera yet. 

But, have you ever thought, some of your extra-ordinary clicks can bring you a sound income regularly. 

What you have to do is to polish your photography skill to bit next level to produce some meaningful photographs and that’s all.

Do sign up on various online platforms and upload your photographs with price regularly. Once your earnings start, hope that it will never stop.

Stock photography is one of the best online job for students who want to focus on studies more besides earning some handsome amount.

Websites where Stock Photographers can sell photos as Online Jobs:

11. Visual Editing:

In visual editing you can pick Photoshop editing, info-graphic design, vector tracing as per my opinion. Let me tell you one thing, you can be mastering yourself in any of these three to achieve the next level of success. 

There are a lot more platforms where you can start earning straightway. Along with other platforms, it would be highly recommended to get through with your website or blog.

You can sell your existing design or can create designs for your clients on regular basis.

Along with another platform, it would be highly recommended to get through with your site or blog.

Websites where online jobs for students with visual editing are available:

12. Video Editing:

Can you imagine that a thousand hours of videos are uploading on the internet every minute? Countless hours of video are producing and editing online and offline every day. 

I believe, everyone can shoot a video but it’s hard to believe that everyone can edit perfectly. And here is the point to get this job seriously.

A professional video editor can charge an amount per minute of editing with extra animation if required. Thousands of people are running for suitable video editors on the internet every day.

If you are one of them, make some sample video clips with your best effort. And make profiles on various platforms by adding those of your sample videos and that’s all. Start getting orders and make it big guys!

Websites where online jobs of Video Editing are available to start now:

13. Animations:

Whiteboard & animated explainer, video logo animations, and animation for a kid’s job can be a game-changer in your tight financial life. 

If you know how to do some good and eye-catchy animations then you must try this without any delay. You might have a hobby do animation. But, can you ever think that how this could be a golden feather in your financial goal?

If you are lacking confidence then I will suggest having professional guidance or a short course under any specialist before you start this full-time career. 

You will find many specialist short courses of top-class animation experts on Udemy, Coursera with which you can always polish your expertise to get the best outcome of this job.

Once you are ready then show your best work to the world through your Blog or Website. Besides this, you are encouraged to sign up on different platforms to get huge orders from your client from all over the world.

Websites where online jobs for students of Video Editing are available to start now:

14. Merchandise design (T-shirt, merchandise):

I would love to see my site WAKEUPGUYS.COM has been printed on t-shirts, caps, jackets, hoodies, etc, and not only for me but also for marketing purposes. This could be a reasonably cheap marketing strategy as well.

In 2020, the apparel industry has been raised to $1.5 Trillion yearly business and merchandise design is a growing and big part of this segment.

There could be three ways someone can earn a big amount of money such as teach learners or students, do design for your clients, and sell merchandise products.

To do all these, you will have to have a website along with free signup on different platforms. if you want to teach and help thousands of people to become a merchandise designer like you then platforms like Udemy, Skill Share are waiting for you to kick start your journey on the ship of money.

Websites where online jobs of Merchandise design are available to start now:

15. Online music lesson:

You might be upper level music student and wherever you are in the world, it would be hard to find people surrounding you who don’t like or love music. And if you have a music background in you then it will best time to start your online music class or lesson as soon as possible.

What you have to do is to start a Blog or Website to promote your profile and get connected to your students through various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

It is widely possible even to teach music lessons in Udemy. If you think that building a website will be a hassle for you then you can place an order to build your website by any professional site builder in Fiverr, True Lancer starting with $20-$50. And this amount is nothing compared with what you will earn from this job.

Last Words:

These are some super simple and money-making jobs to be done by students from home. It can be carried outside by side of their studies and other activities. The time of COVID19 pandemic has told us the need of earning and saving money. It is a prime time for students especially to learn some skills and make them an independent and beneficial member of society.