Start a Money Making Blog in 2022

start a money making blog

The Ultimate Guide to start your money making blog easily in 2022

How to start a money making blog? You are searching on Google or any other search engine for how to make money online or Best Money-making Blog or how to start a successful best money-making blog in 2022, right?

 Yes, you are in the right place to get starting with a whole lot of important information, notes, and easy steps to create a successful website for business or blog instantly.

If you are thinking that after creating your website or blog and you will earn a hell of a lot of money and it may be in millions from the first day after you launch your site or blog then YOU ARE SIMPLY DAYDREAMING! And this article is not for YOU at all!

But if you think an earning like $2k to $5/6k per month would be great in the initial stage for you then let’s go with me until the end of this article.

Oh! Yes, you can earn this amount if you have the desire to reach this goal step by step.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links that may provide a little fee to us at no extra cost to you when you purchase any service through us. However, these links are for the best tools to start an online job, website, blog, or business based on our reviews.

You might not be a tech-savvy, programmer or coder who writes code as thousands of lines to create a simple website and so that I am, but I have started my blogging site however from the position where you are standing alone now. And, start Creating a money-making blog is not the rocket science that you are thinking. Yes! You read it right.

Before we proceed further, you should get some idea of what a blog or website can change your life in a good period. Let’s check the below information

blog per month earning

You have read it right. But any of them didn’t make this figure in the first month or a couple of months. All of them have started from something like scratch and become top bloggers over time. They are running their blogs for the last 10-20 years and they will do that year after year.

Are you thinking that you are late? You are wrong! The study says, millions of new customers or audiences are growing every single year and it will follow on years after years. 

So, your target audience or customers will not be over and they will be waiting for you somehow. You just need to grab their attention with some outstanding article or niche which we will discuss in this article later.

Let’s get started:

Before I did anything to my blog, I made a good practice of keeping notes regarding all of these unknown factors about making the blog. It should be your best habit to use pen and paper to keep a note in this case.

1. Niche or main focusing content in your blog

Before starting a successful money-making blog, it’s required to have the best Niche to proceed with. Your Niche can be related to your passion, desire, knowledge in a particular subject, or anything else.

However, I would recommend you to start with a Niche that can be monetized later. If you think that your one can’t be monetized then you are wrong. What you have to do is just do a little modification to add monetization.

If you still think you are not able to get that required modification or ideas then feel free to sign up for my email notification, it’s completely free with the best ideas of Niches will be in your inbox shortly.

There are millions of sites in the web world or maybe 90% of the total blogs or website who are making just nothing compare with the rest 10% who have perfect niches related to public interest around the globe.

I strongly believe everyone can start a money-making blog in 2021. What you need most is desire, passion, goal setting, and maybe a little investment which is nothing compares with any offline businesses and the most important thing is your time investment in the initial stage of your blog.

2. Choose Domain (choose it wisely)

Your domain is the face id of your blog or site something like You have to choose your domain wisely. It could be your name or anything else.

But I recommend any name which relates to the Niche of your blog or site. At least your target audience will get some idea before clicking your site from the search engine. For example,, anyone who spends time on the web gets the idea of what this website is all about and yes, it’s related to shopping.

Sometimes, your desired domain name will not be available. It won’t be bad if you choose your domain name with your full name or parts of it. Because there are hundreds of websites successfully running with the domain names of their owners.

Don’t set your gear back then; stick with some other best names or options. I will not recommend purchasing a domain from one company and hosting from another company when you can get your domain free of cost by choosing a normal and good hosting plan. But honestly speaking, the choice will be yours though I will stick with my recommendation.

It’s time to wake up guys!

Before proceeding with this topic, I would be glad to give you some idea of hosting. Hosting is something like that you will have a domain, a lot of pages with posts, contents, diagram, links, etc. will be stored in a server and the few companies who managed those servers with a huge investment of money and manpower offer a space with a minimum cost to use as your website content store. 

This term is called hosting for the web world. Depends on various parameters every hosting company offers its different plan for all of you depends on your need.

We already have discussed about WordPress. Once again, it would be great to mention that almost one third of total live websites are made with WordPress in the entire world. And we are going to make our blog with it.

There are tons of web platforms to start your blog with. Hence, I have short-listed some WordPress web hosting platforms to help you in starting your blog or website immediately. And there are so many website builders available online to design your blog.

• WordPress-based web hosting

WordPress is one of the best web design platforms one can easily rely on. 35% of websites of the total in the internet world are created by WordPress.

This is the platform for all, even for those who do not know about a single line of Coding and programming. Just using some best page builders like Elementor, Divi or Beaver, you can drag and drop your required element and template to set your blog complete to launch.

Before designing with WordPress, you will need a hosting platform from a hosting company as I mentioned earlier. And according to itself, they recommend only 3 hosting companies to go with a WordPress-made website or blog.

Hence, you can choose any of the following hosting providers with some best offers of their hosting plans.

I will suggest starting with a basic plan of any of the hosting providers along with the offer of a free domain. In that case, let’s say, we have chosen Bluehost's basic plan starting with a mare of $2.95 with a free domain for 1 complete year.

After sign-up and complete the purchase of the above plan, you will find a dashboard. And it will give you the option to install a 1click installation of WordPress in a minute.

Once your WordPress installation is complete, you are ready to create your first website by drag and drop on WordPress with the help of a page builder like Elementor.

And yes, you are ready to rock now!

# It will be highly suggested to go through this article well to get the depth idea or knowledge along with the video tutorial.

WordPress Dashboard

After seeing the WordPress dashboard, you might be wondering that another new complex thing is in front of you. Part of your thinking is right for someone of you. But believe me; it’s even easier than Microsoft Word or Excel. Yes, you read it right!

 Your WordPress dashboard will look exactly like the above screenshot. You will find all the menu options of WordPress on the left side of the dashboard.

Steps to create your money making Blog or Website:

We will help you to create and start a money making blog or website quickly. You just need to follow  every step and it will be done by you within 1 hour. And once you are used to be with all the functions of WordPress, you will be able to design any kind of website in less than 30 minutes.

Before we start to create our website, I believe, you need to get a good amount of ideas in the WordPress dashboard. Let’s get some idea of our dashboard first and once we go through it then we will come back to start design our website today.

There are 6 major steps or options or menus to apply to create a blog or website. All these are Appearance, Plugins, Page, Post, and Settings. As you can say all these are menus of the WordPress dashboard. There are a lot more things you have to find and use in the dashboard to start a money making blog.

As a beginner, you should keep in mind that you have to understand those 6 menus or options very clearly. And once you understand those options, you will feel like, you can develop a blog or website in every hour you want!

Let’s get some good ideas of these WordPress dashboard options here.

1. Appearance


At first, you will find a theme. A WordPress theme is a bunch of template files, which together create a base graphical user interface layout for your website. You can modify your WordPress theme in several ways you want without modifying the theme’s base software. You can find thousands of themes in the search option under the theme panel. There are two types of themes available in general. One is free and another one is a premium or paid version. It’s better to choose a theme based on your niche, colour, etc.

Our recommendation: it’s good to start with a free theme such as ocean wp or Astra for your blog or website as a beginner.


Theme customization allows you to modify or add the logo, site title, sidebar categories, widgets in the sidebar and footer, footer menu, main menu, and a lot more things. The interesting part of customization is that you can see the changes you made instantly.

Recommendation: For beginners, it should follow the preview each time you customize or modify any part in the customization of the theme. If you think you have made a wrong approach, you will have the option to reverse the modification you made.


Widgets will help you to add your desired web content to the sidebars or footer area of your website. You can add many widgets to your website. Once you are used to the WordPress dashboard and all its functions, using widgets will be easier than before.


Till today, how many websites have you gone through for some purpose or without any reason? It may be countless, am I right? Have you noticed anything like “Home, Why us, Contact us, etc.” on the top of the website? All these are menus of a website. 

The good thing is that you can create your menu as per your wish and requirement and you can add more than one menu if you want. Menus are in WordPress are just like menus of Microsoft Word or Excel. Hang with us to create your first Menu with your first website today.

2. Plugins:

In WordPress, Plugins are developed with PHP language or PHP scripts which help you add countless features to your website. Plugins are something like apps you download and install on your smartphone. 

There are thousands of plugins available to download in your WordPress dashboard under the Plugins menu. Some plugins can be uploaded and installed through the WordPress Dashboard. You can create a professional look website with the help of 5 to15 plugins maximum.

3. Create Page:

In any website you go through, you usually see content such as articles, visual graphics, diagrams, and a lot more, and all these are created on pages. 

In WordPress, pages are static; you can add any number of pages with content based on your website requirement. Pages are hierarchical in WordPress. Pages can have sub-pages with some links. Once we start to create a website, you will get full knowledge about the pages of WordPress.

4. Post:

Post indeed is a part of a page or you can say posts are written on pages. Most of the live websites contain several pages with different topics which contents are usually not changed much. But one page is called a blog which contains all posts. And posts are updated on regular basis. In WordPress, you can make only one page as your post page among all other static pages. After some time, we will create a post for our website and hope that you will get a complete idea of the post.

5. Settings:

This is another function to be used rarely. You have to set some instructions for reading, writing and a few other things for your website for you and your audience as well. It will not be required to change settings often. So, once you start creating your website, you will be used to use the settings option. We will learn more about settings later.

Let’s create your money making blog or website with few simple steps:

Look a preview of your website before start working on your site in WordPress. It will give you some ordinary and simple blank preview. And this is not our website at all. We will start working to build our website now. Please be with me until the end.

Step 1 (add or create pages):

Almost every website has menus and we will create our required menus for our website. To create menus we should first create pages for those and a few of our page's names will appear as menus. Let’s say we will have a home page (front page) and our menus will be Toy Story, Play Time, Videos, Toy Review, Blog, and Contact.

We will create pages as per above.

Go to Pages > Add New > Write Title as your page’s name > Publish > click WordPress icon

You will get the newly created pages under your WordPress Dashboard’s pages option. Now, we will create the remaining of our pages as per above. And lastly, we will create a page name Home. It will be our home page of the website though it will not appear on our menus.

Isn’t it interesting? Though, I think so.

Anyway, including Home, we have now 7 pages published on our site. Later we will show where are our pages located once we will create our menus for the website.

If we go to the website preview, we will not see anything on these pages or other information. Now, we will create a Home page as our website’s home page and a Blog page as our post page. Please follow the steps along with me.

Go to Dashboard Settings > Reading > click on A static page > choose Home as Homepage > Choose Blog as Post page > Save Changes

From the page list, Home will be our Homepage and Blog will be our post page. A post page is where we write or update different topics or articles on regular basis. Our pages are still empty but we will soon write and update our pages once we build our website.

Step 2 (creating Menu):

We have created our required pages and we will create menus for our website. Please follow the instruction below.

Go to Dashboard Appearance > Menus > (under Menu structure) write a menu name > click Create > (under Add Menu items) select all the pages except Home page > click Add to Menu > Drag the menu items into the order you prefer > Save Menu

I believe that you have done the above part in the right way. You can go to the top of the dashboard to preview your website now. Your website is now showing menus on it. Kudos!

Please remember, we can change the menu position as per our requirements. So don’t get tensed about that. We will do that later if it requires.

Step 3 (create or design Homepage):

The front page of our website is not looking professional at all, isn’t it? But we can make it looks better by using themes. The theme we are using right now is a basic theme provided by WordPress.

There are hundreds of themes available to download and apply in WordPress. But we can use only one theme at a time. However, you can change your theme anytime according to your website or blog. Let’s do it.

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New > write Ocean wp in search bar > Install > Activate

You have activated a new theme called Ocean WP on your website. You can customize almost everything on your website with theme customization which we have discussed earlier.

We will come back to the theme customization after a few other steps because it will be a bit complex to understand on blank pages of our website. Once we write some content on every page then we will customize the theme as per requirement.

Only one part which we will customize now is the logo and the rest of the customization will be done later. So, let’s add our logo to the website.

Note: if you can design a logo in any software like Photoshop, CorelDraw, or anything else then you can do the design from there. You can even try some free logo maker online by searching on google, yahoo, or bing initially. Your logo should be in PNG file format.

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Header > Logo > select Logo > tab upload files > Select files (it will be added to media library) > select your logo from media library > Crop if it requires > Publish

Your homepage will look like this with a logo.

Step 4 (add required plugins):

We will add a few plugins to give a proper look to our website. And we already have discussed plugins earlier.

Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search Plugins > Elementor Website Builder > Install > Activate

In the same way, we can add a plugin for forms, Social Media, and Share Icons. We may add some other required plugins later.

Some top Plugins, you may require:

To build a professional website or blog, you will need some great plugins. After the primary design of your website, you may need to add your social media icons and manage them on your site.

Sometimes, it’s required to design your contact form through where your targeted readers can contact you by filling in some information.  You need to have some important plugins for your site analytics, clear cache, page or post page design,

  1. Elementor ( Best for page, post & website design)
  2. Premium Addons for Elementor
  3. RankMath ( One of the best for SEO optimization)
  4. Google Site kit ( Must have plugin for google search console, analytics, AdSense)
  5. Sassy Social Share ( one of the best for Social Media integration)
  6. Smush ( reduce the image file size of your website or blog)
  7. WP fastest cache ( good for the clear cache of your website or a particular page)
  8. Smart Slider 3 ( One of the best for any kind of sliders for your blog or Website)
  9. Contact Form 7 ( One of the best for contact, message, and email)

Step 5 (add widgets):

We will add widgets into the footer section of our website. We have discussed widgets earlier. In the footer widget area, we can add social media links, recent blog posts, menus, about page, calendar, and lot more parts of our website.

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > you will have 4 footer options (on right) > you can drag any available widget from the left side to any of those 4 footers > click drop down on Footer and make required changes & save > website preview

Note: after adding widgets, it is suggested to preview the website to finalize the changes in the footer widgets area.

Step 6 (add or create page design):

We have created and added menus, pages, logo, footer widgets and we have learned about the customization of the website by Appearance menu from the WordPress dashboard. We haven’t added any content to any of our website pages. We will check how to add content on-page.

Go to Pages > Home > edit > Add block (+ sign) > choose your required element > Modify as per your requirement > Page Preview > update

We can add various content including articles, images, videos, and else by WordPress page editor. It will be good practice by checking page preview after adding content to the page.

If you want to get sound knowledge about WordPress page editors then it will be better to stick with it at least for a couple of hours of starting your website design.

You may think that your homepage or any other pages are not looking eye catchy compare with so many websites you have gone through earlier.

You always have the option to go ahead with many page builders available to add to your WordPress dashboard to create content or modify with a professional look. Here is the list of top-ranked WordPress drag and drop page builders to choose from.

You can go to any of these page builders to give an outstanding look to your blog.

So far, you have done a great job.

How to design a page or website with ELEMENTOR?

We have already learned how to design a website or blog in WordPress Editor. And this is completely fine for any purpose of your website. Remember, hundreds of famous sites have been built on WordPress classic Editor.

But to be honest, someone can find some difficulties when it will come to add some text animation or other advanced and user interface friendly design to the website or blog.

Hence, we can always use any third-party page builder plugin which we have mentioned earlier. By using this plugin, you can design a modern and eye-catchy page, header, footer, or template, and a lot more features for your website.

Even, you can add full-width background video and else as per requirement. Let’s check out the video tutorial and learn how to design a website or page with Elementor.

Step 7 (add or create Post):

We have created page content so far and I believe you are enjoying creating your first blog with us. We will add a new post for the Blog page. And please remember, all the posts will be viewed under the Blog page because we have set a Blog page for the blog.

Go to Posts > Add New > Add Post Title > Add block (+ sign) > choose your required element > Modify as per your requirement > Post Preview > Publish

To add or create posts is the same as you have done for your page content. You will find the same WordPress editor to add Post content. You can use any of the above page builders to create your Post contents on your Blog page as per your Blog suggestion.

Go to Dashboard Settings > Permalinks > Common Settings > choose Post Name > Save Changes

You will be needed to change Permalinks only once.

Step 8 (theme customization):

We have almost created our Blog or website. The last part will be theme customization. There are a lot of options therein theme customization where you can change values or can set different values to be better visualization of your BLOG.

Go to Dashboard > Appearance> Customize 

We can easily set the footer Bottom, website background color, font size, font color, link color, widgets, header, menu bar, site icon, and tons of other features as per our BLOG’s design requirement.

Start writing your CONTENT and make it SEO optimized:

You might have some wonderful ideas for content for your blog. Before getting into SEO, I will strongly suggest you write your content with your best effort. Once you have done with your one or two contents, let’s download ‘Grammarly’ and use it in MS word to rectify all grammatical and spelling mistakes, if there any.

I believe you have already made your content error-free with ‘Grammarly’. It’s now time to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool to rectify your content and other issues even more. Let’s say, we are going to use the RankMath SEO tool as we have already activated this plugin in the WordPress dashboard. It’s time for using it.

Dashboard > Pages > the first page you have created with content > edit > RankMath tool (right side of page/post settings)


What is the SEO score you are getting? If anything less than 65 means you have to modify quite a few things in your content to get your score more than 80.

First of all, check out the preview at the beginning which reflects how your page or post will show in google or any other search engine.

Remember, you have to go through ‘Edit Snippet’, Focus Keyword, Basic SEO guidelines, Additional features, Title Readability, and Content Readability in your RankMath SEO tool. Let’s try to apply as per the guidelines.

All these things are going above the head? Isn’t it?

You can trust me in this issue, I had zero knowledge about anything regarding SEO and its tool when I first finished content for my blog. I didn’t even know how it works and how to get a nearly 100 score in that above issue.

By trying to apply all those basic things so many times, I can now write content as SEO optimized without any tool.

You already have come miles ahead and you are going to rock in few days. Just keep practicing and applying those rules in your content.

To be honest, you are already in the process to start money making blog perfectly.

Find precise Keywords by keyword research:

Find and use the right keywords in your content is one of the most important parts. Thousands of people are searching on Google or Bing with some specific words or keywords to get their desired information.

Let’s assume, your contents are all about online education.

Give a shoot on any search engine and write ‘online learning’ and hit search.

What are you getting? Firstly, Google will give you about 2,41,00,00,000 results with keywords Online Learning. And the appropriate articles with this keyword will come on the first page.

Now, search with the keyword ‘ Is online learning worth it?’

What are the results you are getting? This time the numbers are quite a few compare with the first one.

That is the keyword how it works. Another way you can say, what we write in the search option of any search engine is called keyword.

What you can use for keyword research?

You can use keyword rank checker tools such as ahrefs to get an idea of your keyword ranking. Keep in mind that you have to keep trying to rank up your keywords on top to get the maximum results.

If you are creating content for affiliate marketing or else then try to use influential keywords. It will give you good results and a handsome amount in earnings with a shorter period.

Point to be noted that you need to know how your site ranks on Google or else for your targeted keywords. You have to keep monitor your competitor’s rankings as well. 

Let’s write guest post with Backlinking:

Thousands of websites or blogs are trying to get to be on the first page of Google or Bing search. And that is what your optimum target is. Nobody can be ranked on the first page by your related keyword search on a search engine without proper backlinks.

Let’s elaborate a little bit more about backlinks. Assume, you have some useful content in your blog or website and someone who is running a similar kind of website or else has placed your website URL in his blog or website to let audiences know about your content. This is called backlinking.

 When Google or any search engine will find quite a good number of backlinks to your website, it will automatically start to recognize that your website or blog has some good and useful content for audiences. Hence, all the search engines will rank up your blog or website.

By doing this backlinking, you can rank up on top of the search list of search engines. And, once you achieve this, you will get thousands of organic traffic every day from around the world.

What are you thinking? How will you start to do backlinking?

Well, you can contact the similar website or blog owners to exchange backlinks. And you can do that easily by contacting them through email or the contact us page. Moreover, you can write a guest post for similar kinds of well-known sites and you can mention your site URL in those guest posts. 

This may take a little bit of time to be on right track. But, once, you will start doing this, your site will be going up and up in Google or else ranking.

Are you still finding problems getting backlinks? 

Anyway, you can get those kinds of valuable backlinks on various gigs which are offered in Fiverr. Simply search on Fiverr, choose the right gig and place an order starting from $5 and get your required backlinks in a couple of days.

Start Affiliate Marketing:

So far, you have completed your site or blog design, uploaded content with SEO optimization, and else.

It’s time to start Affiliate Marketing straightway to your blog.  Do signup with the following Affiliate networks and start earning.

Affiliate Marketing Campaign for audiences

You will find thousands of reputed company who offers Affiliate program under these Affiliate networks.

I will suggest going for the right Affiliate program such as the programs which suit your content or niche.

At the beginning of this article, you have found the top 10 blogs that earn the most per month. All of those blogs use the Affiliate program of different companies and earn millions of dollars.

What you have to do is to create content related to the products or services with a high-paying Affiliate program and encourage your audience to purchase through your blog. 

Remember, Affiliate earning is a passive income that will come to your bank account even when you are sleeping or busy with other works.