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Ultimate guide to startup online business easily as an entrepreneur in 2021?

startup online buisiness

Let's start up online business with freelancing as an entrepreneur in 2021 and this is not a fable anymore.

When you are searching for content like this on the internet, the first thoughts you may have in your mind that becoming an entrepreneur is a tough job. I will not say you are fully wrong but I will say you are partially wrong in that case.

Nothing is easy to acquire but we can reach our goal with some proper steps and ideas. And many of you will go ahead and they will be successful one day.

Among you all, there might be two groups and one group is already under entrepreneurship and another group is trying to become so.

Before we proceed further, let’s have some idea about startup online business as an entrepreneur.

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Startup online freelancing business as an entrepreneur:

This is nothing but starting a small or large-scale business online.  You can do business by selling self-manufactured products, services directly online or selling third-party products or services on a per commission basis.

You can start this business as a proprietorship, partnership, or limited company including VAT or GST. All this paperwork varies from country to country. In some countries, someone can even start this business without such paperwork until it requires after a couple of months or a year.

Furthermore, you should follow some important things or steps to be successful in this sector. Let’s go through some of those important points to follow.

Step 1:

To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to be well trained or knowledgeable in the freelancing sector. Now the question arises, what about the newcomer in this field who doesn’t have any such knowledge of freelancing? To be honest, nothing is impossible if you want to crack that.

Choose the sector of freelancing and get well trained. You can acquire proper knowledge from various online platforms with some excellent supervision in a quick time.

Once you are ready, you can start this business yourself or, with having a couple of employees.

Step 2:

Once you are ready to launch a business, it will be highly suggested to start a Website or Blog first. So that you can display your works,  expertise, business email. Media and other details. A professional Website or Blog can help you get 50% more business compare with work only on third-party online platforms. 

Creating a Professional Website or Blog is not a big deal today. You can do it by yourself within an hour without having any prior knowledge. Else, you can always get it done by any professional web designer from Fiverr or else by spending $10-$50.

Step 3:

I believe that your website or blog is ready and you are good to go. You are now 50% ahead to become an entrepreneur.

Start working on different freelancing sites and try to get as much as works to be done on given time from your clients. Please remember, try to give the best job done for your clients. As a result, they can give you a good rating and feedback. Even, they can recommend your works to countless numbers of people they know.

On the first run, I think it is not required to go with a bunch of employees under you. If possible, try to take some work pressure on you first. It can help you to become more professional in your business. I can bet on you that you will feel to appoint some employees in couple of months when it will be required.

Step 4:

Nowadays, involving in social media is a must when you are going to become an entrepreneur. And start up online business without social media activity will be hard to grow.

Along with step 3, let’s go with social media activities with your work and business together. It’s a good way to get some more business to your hand. A page or account on different social media platforms can lead you to get way better clients and commerce.

Remember, billions of people have been using social media platforms in various ways. And you have to grab those opportunities that come your way.

Step 5:

Until now, you have crossed 80% of your path to become a successful entrepreneur in freelancing to startup online business. Once you are having some real-time work experience, try to get some employees under you as per your requirement.

What I did in my case, appointed a couple of fresher who had the utmost desire to learn new things and worked hard. I sorted out some time besides regular work to train those fresher. Luckily, all of them are still with me and we are working together as a unit.

What do you think about your case? What’s your bet? Hope you have got me right!

Step 6:

With your regular workload, it would be a wise thing to go ahead and complete your paperwork for any license from Govt. authority. Because any good work can turn into an illegal thing without authorized permission from the Government such as trade license, vat or GST or else.

It may be a little bit of a hectic part for your business for the time being. But it can make you calm down to your business professionally.

Step 7:

Let me count on you. Website or blog, social media activity, legal paperwork, a little bit of office environment with a couple of employees are under your belt as per my view. I believe you will be going well.

Sometimes we need to implement own ideas and terms in our professional lives. About success, I obey only one thing that to never give up and always use brain to think out of the box. When I started mine, I never thought about big earning at the beginning but now.

By the way, congrats and welcome to the world of  entrepreneurs.

What types of jobs someone should consider to do startup :

There are tons of ways and jobs are available there to start with. But someone can't go for each job under his or her business. Though anybody can go for all those jobs, it would be hard to maintain all sides at beginning of the business including the client’s needs. 

It would be a wise decision to go with a limited sector first. It can provide business confidence.  Moreover, anyone can rely on the area with having some solid experience. Let’s check out some freelancing areas where someone can start their business.

1. WordPress Website Designing for Online Buisiness:

Designing WordPress websites are not related to space science at all. To design or develop a WordPress website, you don’t need to be a web programmer.

You might be good at WordPress design in a short time. You can charge a handsome amount of money for each site you design for your clients. And when you will have some employees in your business, it even can earn you revenue of thousands of dollars every month.

Almost 35% of all websites in the world are built on WordPress. Mostly, it’s a dashboard where you can build any professional blog or website in hours by using some plugins and a drag and drop option. It is developed for anyone who wishes to build their website by themselves.

Are you having a master's hand in WordPress? In that case, a hundred and thousands of new required websites are waiting for you to develop from your client's end.

There are thousands of clients or better said consumers who are searching WordPress site creators on the internet every single day.

Many of them are looking for the entire site development or some are looking for partial work for their websites.

I will recommend you showcase your works on your Blog or Website. Having a blog or website gives trustworthiness to clients for sure. Along with this,  you can sign up on various online platforms to start getting orders from customers immediately.

It’s time to start up an online business as an entrepreneur or never!

Websites where WordPress Website designing for online business are available to start:

2. Startup Online Buisness with Graphic Designing:

It has been years that thousand of graphic designers have been earning millions of dollars all over the world in the offline market. The scenario has been changed drastically. And it’s time for doing all these things online.

There are thousands of companies, individuals are offering thousands of graphic design work requirements every day. There is a hell of a lot of software like Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc. are out there to use. Mastering any of that professional software can help you deliver the best work to your online client.

If you think you or your team can design whatever the customer asks then you should straightway start this job as an online business on various platforms.

You may need to polish your knowledge of graphic design to the next level. I would suggest you go to get a short professional course about your designing software from someone like professional alumni on a platform like Udemy with a very low and nominal cost. Just keep in mind this is also a billion-dollar market.

Websites where you can startup Online Business as a graphic designer are available

3. Startup Online Business with Article and Blog post writting:

Are you having some unsurpassed grammatical knowledge in English or any top spoken languages? If the answer is yes then it can be one of the best online businesses for you to startup.

Firstly, you need to go and pick some topics from Google or else. 

Secondly,  write some excellent articles on those topics. 

Thirdly, let’s put those pieces of writing in your gigs of different online platforms. 

Finally,  signup for different platforms that suits you most.

Please remember “To err is human”. So, you might need to proofread your writings before submitting them to your valuable clients. Software like ‘Grammarly’ can always help to create a masterpiece of writing. 

Aren’t you sure whether your level of knowledge for this online business is adequate or not? 

In that case, I will suggest you order a similar editorial from any online platform with a minimum price. And make a comparison that writing with your own.

I strongly consider your article will be way better than the one you ordered from that online platform. If I am not wrong then you are ready to kick your journey to change your financial toughness everlastingly.

Websites where online business with articles and blog post writing are available to startup now:

4. Startup Online Business with Video Editing:

Do you know how many hours of videos are uploading on the internet every hour?

More than 30,000 hours of video are uploading only on YouTube every single hour. And countless hours of video are producing and editing in online and offline every day. I believe, everyone can shoot a video but it’s hard to believe that everyone can edit perfectly. And this can be a reason to start up an online business with video editing seriously.

A skilled video editor can charge an amount per minute of editing with extra animation if required. Thousands of people are running behind expert video editors on the internet every day.

If you are one of them, make some sample video clips with your best effort. And make your profile on different online platforms.  Finally, put those of your sample videos on your online gigs, Blog, or Website to show. And that’s all. Start getting orders and make it big guys!

Websites where online Business of Video Editing are available to start now:

5. Startup Online Business with animations:

Whiteboard & animated explainer, video logo animations, and animation for kid’s job can be a game-changer in your online business career. If you know how to do some good and eye-catchy animations then you must try this without any delay.

You might have a hobby do animation. But, can you ever think that how this could be a golden feather in your financial goal?

If you are lacking confidence then I will suggest having professional guidance or a short course under any specialist before you start this full-time career.

You will find many specialist short courses of top-class animation experts on Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, EDX, Teachable, or iSpring with which you can always polish your expertise to get the best outcome of this job.

Once you are ready you should have your Website or Blog to show your best work to the world. Besides this, you are encouraged to sign up in various online platforms to get huge orders from your client from all over the world.

Websites where online business with animation can be started now:

6. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the top trending ways to earn money by staying at convenient place. Being an entrepreneur, you can earn online through affiliate marketing.

It is a great way to earn on every purchase that a person will do through the external links in your Blog or Website. Also, it doesn’t demand much time, and you can take good care of your other the works.

To start affiliate marketing, you will need to create a Blog or Website. You can choose a good niche for your Blog or Website. Countless companies offer an affiliate program for their products or services. You need to choose your item from there. 

Firstly, you have to signup with various affiliate marketplace. Secondly, you will need to give your Blog or Website domain name during the sign-up procedure. Thirdly, you can choose any products or niche from those marketplaces and get those external links. Fourthly, add content to your blog or website related to those niches you want to promote. Fifthly, start getting paid by your audience clicking links to your blog or website.

Try to put some influential article or topic there in your Blog. Keep connected with your audience through various social media platforms as well. And altogether, you are ready to start making money online. To be honest, some affiliate marketers earn more than $100K per month.

Keep little bit of patience with this business, success will come and stand by next to your door.

Websites where online start up business for entrepreneur as Affiliate Marketer are available to start:

7. Start up Online Business with Merchandise Designing:

I would love to see my site WAKEUPGUYS.COM has been printed on t-shirts, cap, jackets, hoodies, etc. And not only for me but also for marketing purposes. Perhaps, this could be a reasonably cheap marketing strategy as well.

In 2021, the apparel industry has been raised to $1.5 Trillion yearly business and merchandise design is a growing big part of this segment.

There could be three ways someone can earn a big amount of money. These are to teach learners or students, do design for your clients, and sell merchandise products. To do all these, you will need to have a Website or Blog along with free signup on different platforms.

if you want to teach and help thousands of people to become a merchandise designer like you then a platform like Udemy, Teachable is waiting for you to kick start the journey on the ship of money.

Websites where online business of Merchandise designing are available to start now:

8. Arts & Crafts Lesson or sell products:

It will hard to find any parents who want their child to become professional in the arts & crafts industry. And even, it will be hard to find any students who want to make their careers in the arts & crafts sector.

But, I must say to all of you my friends, there are very few earning sectors available in this world with very little competition. And this sector is one of them. If you have a passion and integrity to make one of the best careers in life then go into this sector blindly.

If you enclose a background in this sector then it will be needed to make a proper plan to go ahead with your passion.

you must need a good WordPress Website with e-commerce or a good online store to show and sell all your products. It can be mainly old & modern touched to show the entire world and start getting ordered to sell those to your customers.

Along with this, you can start another part of this sector just as to teach how to learn and succeed in this field to newcomers. Count on my words, you will find thousands of students or learners from around the world who want to learn this and make their career in this industry.

I strongly believe you can earn either way or both. Keep in mind this industry is not as small as the study says it will be worth around $45 billion within the year 2024.

Websites where online store or lesson can be started quickly:

9. Mobile App development:

More than 5 billion of world populations are using smart phones and these numbers are increasing every year roughly as more than 100 million. Is not this information enough for you to start your career as mobile app developer?

For your kind information, every smartphone has been running with a lot of apps. A productive or useful app can change your financial life forever.

You can earn thousands of dollars from a useful app. Moreover, every one of the whole smartphone users is spending more time due to this epidemic situation. Develop apps is one of the best online jobs out there for job seekers. So, wake up guys!

Websites where app development business tasks are available to start now:


To be honest, there are tons of ways to startup online business
nowadays. We have tested various platforms for getting works from client under business profile. 

And we have found many sectors where it is practically possible to start up online business as entrepreneur. Even all health authorities around the world are not able to say when the pandemic outbreak will go away. 

We believe, this could be the best time to start one. One last say, just stick with one sector, it will give you fortune for sure. So, wake up guys!